Golden Gardens relocates fire pits to north end of beach

All 12 fire pits at Golden Gardens have been relocated to the north end of the beach, an effort the city says will allow for better monitoring of fires and beach activity at night.

Seattle Parks and Recreation moved the pits to North Point for the peak season, mid-May through mid-September. They say they’ll be able to better program the south end of the beach with the fire pits gone, and also add that the Seattle Police Department will be able to, “better control the illegal behaviors that often occur around them,” according to a statement from the city.

Seattle Parks plans to enhance the recreational and family-friendly activities on the south end, including more space for volleyball, bathhouse events and better beach access for all visitors. Additionally, with the fire pits at the north end, Seattle Police will have better access to reach the fire pit area via the adjacent parking lot.

The new pits will have lockable lids, which will allow Parks staff to control when and for how long the pits will be open; they’ll unlock them in the late afternoon and then at night just before the park closes. They hope this will help staff control illegal burning and prevent bonfires during burn bans.

For Golden Gardens beach fire rules and regulations, click here.

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