Ballard lost & found pets: a missing cat and a found parakeet

This week, we’ve had emails about a missing cat and a found parakeet. If you have any information to help these Ballard animals get back home, email us at

parakeetParakeet found

Wendy emailed to let us know that a parakeet showed up at her house near the corner of NW 85th St. and 26th. “It looks to be in good shape, but it was hungry,” Wendy says. She tells us they are keeping it fed and indoors until they can find the owners.



IMG_6279James the cat is missing

We received an email from Ballard resident Diana, who says her cat James has been missing for over a month. “Although it has been several weeks, I have not given up finding shy sweet James,” Diana writes.

James escaped while Diana was out of town, and is a rescue cat who is very “street smart.” He’s short haired but very fluffy, and has a tiny white spot on his tummy, she says. He is neutered and male. Diana is offering a $300 reward to get him home.




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