West Woodland pedestrian safety improvement work to continue Monday

2015_0603_CPRS_WoodlandMapThe ongoing safety improvements for the pedestrian crossing in West Woodland will cause some road closures next week. The intersection of 3rd Ave NW, NW 56th St and NW 55th Place will see closures while crews from the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) continue with the West Woodland Pedestrian Safety Improvements Project. Work started in the middle of June, and will be ongoing until mid-August.

On Monday, June 6, SDOT anticipates that the east and west sides of the intersection of NW 56th St, NW 55th Pl, and 3rd Ave NW will be closed to traffic. The closure will be in place 24 hours a day, and will last until the project is completed.

The following improvements will be made during the construction:

  • Changing NW 55th Place to one-way, southwest-bound
  • Creating an all-way stop at the intersection of 3rd Avenue NW and NW 56th Street to improve pedestrian crossing safety
  • Separating NW 55th Place from 3rd Avenue NW and NW 56th Street
  • Adding curb extensions on 3rd Avenue NW and at the intersection of NW 55th Place and NW 55th Street to shorten the length of pedestrian crossings
  • Upgrading curb ramps to be compliant with current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards
  • Adding minor drainage improvements

To learn more about the project, click here.

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