Books on Bikes brings library services to Golden Gardens for the afternoon

CNXNOi4UsAEEZtTBooks on Bikes pedals a partial library to Seattle public parks using customized book-carrying bicycle trailers. For today, August 26, the Seattle Public Library program is at Golden Gardens today from noon– 3 p.m.

The program began back in May 2013 and offers park attendees around the city some afternoon reading and limited library options including signing up for a Library card, available in six designs.

The Books on Bikes fleet is made up of 16 team members and three trailers. One of the original trailers was developed and constructed by Colin Stevens of “Haulin’ Colin” in Seattle. This trailer is designed to handle a good amount of weight and has built-in shelves for book display. Seattle-ready, an umbrella holder is attached to keep books dry in case of weather.

Two more trailers are designed by Seattle artist Eroyn Franklin: one is a compact flat-top trailer with an urban cityscape and another a covered “reading wagon” trailer featuring a kid-friendly design.

Photo courtesy of Seattle Public Library at today’s event

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