Ballard Goodwill disputes rumors of losing their lease

There’s been some buzz on our forum about the Ballard Goodwill closing to make way for new development, but the Goodwill Seattle headquarters say that’s not true.

Forum user Marigold says she heard the rumor last week that it would be closed and redeveloped. However, spokeswoman for Seattle Goodwill and Ballard resident Katherine Bouli disputes the rumor saying that she hasn’t heard anything about a loss of lease.

“Eventually, we’ll have to renew our lease,” she says, adding that the current lease itself is not in danger of being lost to a developer. Bouli was unsure where the claims of the Ballard Goodwill closing were coming from, but that she had heard these rumors before.

“You’re not the first person to call about this,” she said. “It would be a big deal for the Ballard location to close.”

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