Suspicious man seen outside Loyal Heights home

A My Ballard reader emailed in to report that local resident Rachel spotted a suspicious man outside her Loyal Heights home taking water from her faucet.

Read Rachel’s full report from the Nextdoor Ballard site below:

On Tuesday afternoon we heard a loud noise coming from outside our house. Looked out our window to find this man in the picture posted trying to access our water meter and ended up stealing water from our faucet attached to the house. He used two water bottles to carry the water with him.

When we asked what he was doing he stated, “I work for the city”. When we asked for identification he gave us a obscene gesture and tried to walk off. We watched him walk into a house that has been for sale for the last three months.

We called 911. Please be aware of this issue and call 911 if you see this occurring in our neighborhood. He had no regard for his actions.

Remember to call 911 in case of emergency. Email us at if you have experienced a similar incident recently in the neighborhood.

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