Mean Sandwich to open in Ballard

mean sandwich

According to a report by Seattle Eater, “former New York restaurateur power couple” Alex and Kevin Pemoulie have returned to Alex’s home city of Seattle and are planning to open Mean Sandwich in Ballard.

Seattle Eater confirms that the couple have decided on a location in the neighborhood that is currently occupied by another business.

While waiting for the exact location to be announced, locals can ponder the possible Mean Sandwich offerings which, according to the Pemoulies, will have a “consistent core sandwich menu that people can rely on,” in addition to seasonal specials.

“We’ve spent the last year fine tuning what we believe to be most the delicious, fun, and unique sandwiches that we could come up with. We are inspired by dishes we’ve done before, sandwiches we’ve eaten before, and by the local Pacific Northwest product that we’ve never had access to before,” Alex told Seattle Eater.

According to the report, the Pemoulies have been exploring local eateries before the opening including Uneeda Burger, Mammoth, Paseo, Un Bien, Tortas Condesa, Other Coast and more.

“We still have a long list of places to hit up pre-opening and will try our best to get to all of them,” Alex told Seattle Eater. “Luckily we don’t plan on ever leaving Seattle so we have time.”

The My Ballard team will update readers when the opening date and location is known.

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