Have you seen Chica in Ballard?


Chica the dog is lost in the neighborhood and her owner is asking for locals to be on the lookout.

She disappeared after she took off down an alley near her owner’s apartment at NW 61st St and 20th Ave NW.

“She got spooked and took off. Someone did see her on Tuesday morning in the Ballard Dental Clinic parking lot (NW 58th and 15th Ave NW),” writes her owner.

Chica is a chihuahua mix, is about 20 lbs and is tan colored with white shoulders.

“She is shy but friendly and she’s not wearing a collar but is microchipped, if taken to a vet or shelter. Please let me know if you see her,” writes her owner.

If you have spotted Chica in the neighborhood email us at tips@myballard.com.

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