Rodeo Donut partners with WeFunder to expand business


Local pop-up Rodeo Donut has partnered with to expand their menu and grow their business.

“Our future plans include our Brioche Donuts partnered up with Fresh Fried Chicken and strong Whiskey drinks, all this goodness being served to you at its very own location! But, we need your help,” says the team from Rodeo Donut.

The cowgirls of Rodeo were picked out of 100 companies nationwide to be featured on, a San Francisco based company that played a huge part in writing the JOBS Act right alongside President Obama.

“They have made it possible for everyday people like you to be able invest in the startups they love,” says the Rodeo Donut team.

Prior to the JOBS Act, only accredited investors were able to invest in small business/startups.  These people earned over $200,000 per year or net worth of 1 million. The JOBS Act allows everyday people to invest in startups and small businesses they love to help support them into the next phase of growth.

Rodeo and WeFunder believe communities, families, customers and friends should all be allowed to participate in helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

WeFunder is crafting Rodeo’s fundraising presentations and will launch them across America, equipped with a full-production feature video.  All 20 companies can raise up to $1 million online after May 16th.

“Have you ever dreamed of owning a bakery, restaurant, or rodeo?  Here’s your shot: you can invest as little as $100 and get involved!  Starting at $500 you get perks, like FREE Donuts for a year — no joke,” says the Rodeo Team.

Click here to learn more about the crowd sourcing campaign.

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