Ballard Natural Drainage Project “no parking signs” update

As local residents are well aware, the Ballard Natural Drainage Systems Project is well underway and, according to SPU, is on track to be completed by this Fall.

SPU wants to reach out to local residents regarding the “No Parking” signs that have been placed on or near their street while project construction is underway.

SPU has confirmed that “No Parking” signs will likely remain on the block as long as the contractor is working in that area. SPU has also confirmed that contractors are permitted to post parking restrictions in 30-day increments.

Once that increment has passed, the contractor is required to update the information with parking enforcement and post the new dates. These dates do not reflect the overall project timeline, but rather the current “No Parking” restriction.

Signs will be placed on the particular blocks while active construction is in progress, and they may also be used to help provide safe routes for large concrete deliveries, excavation trucks and other equipment while work is occurring on nearby blocks.

SPU states that the construction crews need clear sightlines and roadways in order to safely move their equipment in and out of the neighborhood and to help protect pedestrians and private property.

For this type of project, the contractor will typically work in activity phases. SPU confirms that the contractor’s first phase in Ballard is to excavate, test and install natural drainage systems along NW 75th St, NW 77th St, 19th Ave NW and 17th Ave NW followed by concrete street restoration.

The second phase will be to repeat those activities along NW 77th St and 26th Ave NW near Loyal Heights Elementary School.

The last phase will involve planting in all of the natural drainage systems throughout the entire project site.

The “No Parking” restrictions will be placed in accordance with each phase of work.

“We do apologize for the inconvenience and for any confusion these signs may have caused. We have reminded the contractor to keep the “No Parking” signs as up-to-date as possible,” says Project Manager Grace Montano.

SPU advises residents to contact the phone number provided on the no parking sign if they have questions about the signage.

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