BNDS Project team requests local feedback via online survey

The Ballard Natural Drainage Systems project expresses their thanks to locals for their patience and support during the project’s construction period.

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) constructed natural drainage systems (roadside rain gardens) in the planting strip along several blocks in the Loyal Heights neighborhood of Ballard to help improve water quality in local water bodies.

About two-thirds of Seattle is served by a combined sewer system designed to carry sewage from inside homes and businesses along with polluted runoff from streets and rooftops in a single pipe—a “combined sewer.” When the area experiences heavy rain events, the pipes can become overloaded with stormwater and the mixture of polluted runoff and raw sewage can overflow into lakes, streams, and Puget Sound.

To help us improve how they provide information about construction projects in the future, they are encouraging locals to fill out a quick online survey by Friday, January 27.

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