Youth ORCA cards now valid in summer, card renewals at BHS this week

The city’s low-cost public transportation program, ORCA, is expanding to include free transportation for the summer months. About 2,500 students’ cards are expiring in June, so there are several enrollment events at schools around the city; Ballard High School’s events are today and Wednesday (June 12 and 14) at lunch.

During the enrollment, students can trade in their old ORCA cards for new ones. To be eligible for a new card, students must have enrolled in the program prior to May 1 and they must be in grades 9 – 11. The new ORCA cards will be valid for 15 months; through summer 2018. To get a new card, students must bring current ORCA cards and student ID.

While the ORCA program has been around for awhile, the Youth ORCA Program is different in that it offers ORCA cards for low-income students who live within two miles of their school. Previously, only students who live more than two miles from school could qualify for ORCA cards.

“The Youth ORCA Program is part of the City’s bigger effort to increase transportation equity in Seattle,” said SDOT Director Scott Kubly in a release. “By expanding the program, we can give kids access to public transit all year long, not just during the school year.”

Youth ORCA cards are valid on King County Metro, King County Water Taxi, Seattle Streetcar, Sound Transit, Community Transit, Pierce Transit, Kitsap Transit, and Everett Transit.

For more information visit the Youth ORCA Program or call (206) 256-ORCA (6722).

Photo courtesy King County

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