Burn ban lifted for King County

Even though the haze is still lingering, the air quality burn ban has lifted for King County and surrounding areas. That means bonfires and charcoal barbecues are okay for now, however, the fire safety burn ban in still in effect.

“The Puget Sound has returned to mostly good and moderate air quality due to shifting winds bringing cleaner air at the surface (breathing level). We expect this weather pattern, and good and moderate air quality, to continue through the weekend and into next week,” the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency said in a statement.

Wildfires in B.C. are still burning, so we may see continued smoke this week in Seattle. (See this map of active fires.) “Looking ahead, significant amounts of wildfire smoke may remain in the region at higher altitudes although the surface air (breathing level) has improved substantially. Haze is likely to be visible, and it possible that we may see isolated, localized pollution spikes within the next week.”

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