Daytime robbery at Monkey Bridge

A bold robber stole some money from the Vietnamese restaurant Monkey Bridge on NW Market St during the lunchtime rush.

My Ballard reader Kali Sakai was at Monkey Bridge when it happened today around 1pm. “During our meal a man came in acting like he wanted to make a to-go order and stood up by the register,” Sakai writes. While the waitress was helping him and a few other customers, he took around $100 from the counter.

“He ran out while the entire lunchtime crowd looked on as the waitress chased and called after him. I was struck by how bold this was. So many witnesses and during a prime eating time.”

Sakai says staff called police, who hadn’t yet arrived by the time Sakai left the restaurant. “My young kids and my in-laws from the East Coast were with me too and it was upsetting.”

Seattle Police are investigating; we’ll update with any new information.

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