Hone your fake-news radar at the Ballard Library

On Thursday, Oct. 19, the Ballard Library will host a class to help people learn how to identify fake news. The class, titled “Fake News Survival Guide: Resources and Tips for Staying Informed” will provide an overview of fake news and the information cycle, instructions on how to evaluate information, and will provide resources and best practices for identifying fake news.

“Usually there’s a moneymaking scheme behind fake news stories,” Seattle Public Library’s Di Zhang, who teaches the class, told the Seattle Times. “Going viral is the goal, and more clicks equal more ad revenue.”

The free class will be from 6pm to 7:45pm in the library meeting room at the Ballard branch. To register for the class, call 206-684-4089, or stop in to the Ballard Library and sign up.


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I fully support it, it seems to me that every day there are more and more fake news. I wrote an article about this in the college newspaper using this link with examples and for this I analyzed the news feed on social networks and news sites, as well as bought newspapers and tried to find the original source. I found a lot of news that was completely exaggerated and untrue. Now you can’t trust what is written, or you need to check each fact personally. But it seems to me that there will still be more and more fake news, and the only question is how we feel about it. Personally, not all topics are interesting to me, but those topics that are interesting, I carefully study and know for sure whether it is true or not