Ballard falls in snowy playoff game

When you’re losing at halftime by the score of 56-0, you know it’s going to be a tough night. Throw in the weather — with snow on the field and a temperature of 30 degrees — and it’s downright painful.

The Ballard Beavers (6-4) lost to Ferndale in Bellingham last night in the Class 3A district playoffs. The final score, 70-7.

Ferndale (10-0) continues its unbeaten run this year as the top seed in district 1. The Bellingham Herald has a decidedly Ferndale-leaning report on the game here.

Congratulations to the Beavers for a great season, doubling their wins over last year. And another important metric: the team’s GPA is 3.29.

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Jim Hops
Jim Hops

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