A peek inside the new Nordic Museum

With the Nordic Heritage Museum set to close its current location on Nov. 20, construction crews are making good progress on the Ballard museum’s new location on Market Street.

“It’s more than just design. We’ve also made a concerted effort to make sure the Museum’s interior and exterior feature Nordic products,” explains Eric Nelson, the museum’s CEO.

The white siding, seen here on the exterior, is Cembonit, manufactured in Denmark. The insulation and the pumps come from two Danish companies, and the elevators are the product of KONE, a Finnish company. Interior light fixtures are by Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulson.

Looking down Fjord Hall. Beginning later this month, builders will begin work on the interior bridges.

Here’s the auditorium. Contractors are beginning work on the wooden walls.

This is the cafe. A fireplace will be installed next week.

And here’s the sun terrace.

In addition to Nordic products, there’s a long list of Ballard companies helping with the new facility. Nelson says the museum is “on target” to have the building complete at the end of December. Staff will then begin migrating to the new facility in time for the official grand opening on May 5th of next year.

In the interim months between the closure of the old facility and the grand opening, the museum will provide programming and exhibits off-site.

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  1. Interesting design, but a real shame that it doesn’t activate the sidewalk. It’s a block-long wall along Market Street. That’s a real missed opportunity.

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