4 thoughts to “Photos: Holiday lights up in Ballard”

  1. With all else going to hell, we might as well pay someone to fling strings of lights into the trees without thought or care, rather than lovingly create the usual pillars and blooms of light for our dark nights. Right? It’s true, they do look lovely in these images, all reflecty in the puddles and windows. And, it’s true, given that we are breathing down the neck of the most obscene election in the history of the world, unleashing intrapsychic wars of many kinds, why should anyone even notice tree lights, much less care? But, somehow, pretty photos notwithstanding, when walking down Old Ballard Ave I am disturbed and dismayed by the current chaotic mess of strings flung loosely on branches, suggesting trees rather than stating the fact. Maybe a little too post modern for my taste? A little too fake news. (We are not trees, folks.) A little too – “With all else going to hell, why should we spend our precious time stringing neighborhood lights with care?”
    I don’t know, maybe given so many things impossible to understand, I just want a tidy, beautiful, predictable pathway of light for these dark nights. But, maybe that’s just me.

  2. Whatever happened to the snowflakes that used to go up on the street light poles down Market Street? That looked nice. Can we get those back?

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