16 home burglaries in greater Ballard in a week

Updated: It’s that time of year when thieves are on the prowl for holiday gifts, cash and other loot — either inside or outside your home.

Scanning the Seattle Police crime maps, we counted 16 residential burglaries in Ballard, Phinney and parts of Greenwood and Fremont in a little less than a week, from Dec. 2-8. (This counts police reports that were filed, not 911 calls.)

We also counted 26 car prowls and 15 theft cases in the same area. While package theft isn’t categorized in the Seattle Police maps, it’s a safe bet it makes up many of those theft cases.

(A screenshot of a Seattle PD map showing all burglaries, thefts and car prowls)

We can’t compare these statistics with other times of the year on a week-to-week basis, but Seattle PD does provide aggregate monthly data here (which runs about a month behind). Historically, Ballard averages about 47 burglaries a month, and the numbers spike in December and January.

This certainly serves as a good reminder to be careful this holiday season. Seattle Police has compiled tips to prevent burglaries, car prowls and package thefts right here.

You can also see the latest police calls (and links to those maps and Seattle Fire calls) on our Ballard crime page.

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