With old building closed, new Nordic Museum enters ‘home stretch’

The old Nordic Heritage Museum closed on Nov. 20th, and workers are making good progress on the new facility on Market St., scheduled to open in May.

Here’s a look at the front of the New Nordic Museum. Landscape irrigation is going in, as well as concrete for the curb and sidewalk, explains CEO Eric Nelson in an email updating their progress.

This is the view down Fjord Hall. “The building has received permanent power; water service will be obtained shortly,” Nelson writes. “Concrete floors throughout the building are presently being polished. Installation of the bridges across the length of Fjord Hall has been initiated, and the beautiful hemlock walls and ceiling in the auditorium are nearly complete!”

At the back of the museum, workers have started work on the parking lot.

“For the past several weeks, we’ve been hard at work collaborating with our exhibition designers to develop the new core exhibition’s media features, preparing for the move, and planning for the new Museum’s Grand Opening,” Nelson writes. He says as the museum project enters its home stretch, they’re still looking for contributions.

Even without a current home, the museum’s programming continues at other venues. You can see an updated schedule on the museum’s website.

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5 thoughts to “With old building closed, new Nordic Museum enters ‘home stretch’”

  1. Irene,
    For some reason, they like to show the back of this building that no one will ever see.

    I agree this building does not look like the pictures from Market Street. It’s rather unfortunate the way the museum seems to turn its back on the neighborhood– it does very little for the streetscape.

  2. The first photo is a view from 28th NW, the second from the inside which we cannot Access, and the third is from the south side.
    It’s been an interesting project to watch. Hard to understand, however, why the museum needed so much space!

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