Ballard blanketed in Christmas snow

Updated: For the first time since 2008, snow covered Seattle on Christmas Eve. You couldn’t ask for a better snow event: just enough on the ground to set us up for a beautiful white Christmas — and light snow showers continued into this morning.

Accumulations around Ballard look to be a trace to as much 4+ inches. Here’s Crown Hill…

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And Loyal Heights…

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Down at the shipyard…

Over at Golden Gardens…

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And in Old Ballard…

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Merry Christmas everyone!

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Earlier: Predicting snow in Seattle is both an art and a science — and a roll of the dice. Add the possibility of a white Christmas to the mix, and the mystery deepens.

So far the data supports at least some snow tonight into Christmas morning. The Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory with a forecast of 1-2 inches in the Seattle area.

But it’s a weak system, and meteorologists are playing it safe. “(There are a) range of possibilities of just a cold rain or dusting of snow to as much as 3-4 inches of snow — or just getting nothing at all, except the meteorological version of a lump of coal,” explains Scott Sistek at KOMO News.

If history is any guide, Crown Hill, Loyal Heights and Sunset Hill have a higher chance of a snow-covered Christmas than residents closer to the Ballard core. But we’ll see….

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7 thoughts to “Ballard blanketed in Christmas snow”

  1. Spent Christmas last year in Ballard visiting my son & his family wishing for snow,none for christmas, l’m not there this year & there is snow. Go figure Just my luck

  2. Regarding picture #2, just because it is snowing does not mean that dog off-leash laws are suspended.

    If anything, it’s more important to keep them on a leash when it’s slippery and cars can not stop quickly.

    And to the big jerk who lit a loud firework last night on Christmas Eve, while I was walking my leashed dog less than a block away, I hope you get coal in your stocking today. Scratch that– you’d probably find some way to ignite it and further annoy your neighbors.

    Seriously, who does that? Why on earth would you set off fireworks on x-mas eve? If he hadn’t ascended into heaven, Jesus would be rolling in his grave.

    If my dog wasn’t so freaked out, I would’ve found your house and pummeled the front window with a few snowballs

  3. @OBF – Making fun of someone who is pointing out rule breaking isn’t going to end up very well for you. The more society decays, the less you’re going to like it. Here’s hoping no one decides to just borrow a package from your porch or take your car for a spin just because it suits them to ignore a law.

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