Reminder: City will pick up Christmas trees

Beginning today through the month of January, the City of Seattle will pick up and compost your Christmas trees and wreaths for no additional charge. Just place them on the curb on your usual yard waste collection day.

Don’t forget to remove all decorations, chop the tree into 4-feet lengths (or shorter) and bundle each section with sisal string or twine (not plastic.) Any flocked or plastic trees or wreaths will be charged as extra garbage. All the details are here.

If you’d rather haul the tree to a transfer station, your drop-off will be free until Jan. 31st.

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One thought to “Reminder: City will pick up Christmas trees”

  1. Trees will decay on their own, much like people.

    Some people make some BAD choices in life and get cancer. It’s really sad because it’s something they could’ve prevented if only they’d known better and taken better care of their bodies.

    Like a christmas tree that you forgot to water, maybe you shouldn’t spend a lot of time in the sun or eaten all that red meat. Maybe you just have bad genes like that lop-sided noble fir

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