New dumpster fires this weekend are related, says Seattle Fire

Update Monday morning: Looks like there were no new fires overnight. Seattle Fire has updated the map. There are 21 dumpster fires in total so far:

Update Sunday night: Big response to 1537 NW 56th St. for a report of a fire in a 7-story apartment building. A few minutes later, all units but engine 18 were cleared, which means this was a small fire. Since no investigator was dispatched, it’s not related to the arson cases. But it’s a good reminder that those dumpster fires have the potential to spark big fires.

Update Sunday evening: Firefighters were just called out to 5425 Russell AV NW near the old Ballard firehouse (the Hi Life) for yet another dumpster fire with no exposure. My Ballard’s Silver was there to take photos:

There are so many of these, the fire investigator called for this fire said he was running behind.

About a half hour earlier, there was another dumpster fire in Magnolia — the second in that neighborhood. It was a block away from the Starbucks at 2425 33rd Av W. Smoke poured into the parking garage, tripping alarms.

These make fires #20 and #21.

Update Sunday afternoon: Yet another fire, this time up on Phinney Ridge at Red Mill Burgers.

Firefighters had just extinguished the fire at when we arrived at 67th and Phinney. The dumpster is in the busy Red Mill parking lot up against a fence. Police were questioning possible witnesses.

This is a very visible spot, so it’s odd this would happen in broad daylight.

This is fire #19 — the sixth fire this weekend alone.

In looking around the Ballard area, we’re seeing lots of dumpster still pushed up against buildings — and some under decks at apartment complexes. These need to be moved, folks.

Update Sunday noon: Firefighters responded just before noon to a dumpster fire at 4704 17th Ave. NW. It was up against a building — appears to be an industrial area — and was quickly extinguished. This is fire #18.

Updated Sunday AM: In just a 12-hour span on Saturday, 4 new dumpster fires were set in the Ballard area, bringing the total to 17. One of those fires ignited the side of a restaurant on 8th Ave., but fortunately firefighters were able to extinguish it before there was any significant damage.

Seattle Fire spokeswoman Kristin Tinsley tells My Ballard that the new fires “match the pattern” of previous fires, including being intentionally set. But it’s unclear if the new fires are the product of the same arsonist — the criminal investigation is the domain of Seattle Police’s Arson and Bomb Squad.

Two of the new fires were dispatched just 7 minutes apart from each other. The first was called out at 11:18 p.m. on Saturday to the Magnolia side at 4441 26th Ave. W, a couple blocks from Salmon Bay. Then just a few minutes later — at 11:25 p.m. — firefighters were dispatched for a dumpster fire at 5802 24th Ave. NW, near the QFC. An investigator was dispatched for both.

Those two locations are 2.7 miles apart by car. Here’s the 24th Ave. scene:

Earlier on Saturday evening, firefighters raced to 301 85th St. NW in Greenwood for a dumpster fire behind the building shared by Taqueria Tequila and Stacia’s Gourmet Pizza & Pasta. Tinsley said the fire extended up the exterior wall and onto an overhanging awning, but fortunately firefighters were able to knock it down before it did any real damage.

And just before noon on Saturday, fire crews responded to 22nd and Market St for a dumpster fire. A TV crew was shooting some video when Michael (@mgrass) shot this photo (above).

That brings the tally to 17 across a growing area that now includes Greenwood and Magnolia. Seattle Fire has a list of preventative measures that all businesses (and homes) should be following, especially ensuring your dumpsters are pulled away from nearby buildings.

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  1. hmm. most of them seem to be centered around the library/commons park area. now, who in that area could possibly be doing this…? hmmmmm…

  2. @Guesty: “That brings the tally to 17 across a growing area that now includes Greenwood and Magnolia.”


    “Two of the new fires were dispatched just 7 minutes apart from each other.” … “Those two locations are 2.7 miles apart by car.”

    Either your assumed homeless person is the world record holder for 5000 meters or you’re a complete moron. Hint, it’s the latter.

  3. Dumpster fires are definitely uncool but I am hoping My Ballard will cover the stabbing that happened at or around Pie Bar today. Lots of cop response and emergency services.

  4. That’s really some useless footage you’ve got there, Harri Karri.

    You can’t see anyone starting any fire. Just a car pulling up and pausing for a bit.

    Did you read the instructions that came with your amateur sleuth kit?

  5. Sand in your vaseline, Paul? Why so testy? Law enforcement could very likely make out the model of the car with their video enhancement techniques and that bit of info alone would be helpful. Even if the video turns out to be useless, why attack someone doing their best to help in this situation? Or maybe you’re more involved in this than a mere comment…

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