The Original Pancake House closes, to reopen as Crown Hill Broiler

Longtime customers of the Original Pancake House on 15th Ave. just north of 80th St. were surprised to learn the restaurant was abruptly closing. Today (Sunday) was its last day.

A sign on the door explains the establishment is closing for remodeling, then it reopen as a new restaurant called the “Crown Hill Broiler” in early April. It will be a “beautiful space” with “high-quality foods, service and beverages,” the signs says.

“This is very sad news!!! (I) love their breakfast!” said Lynn in the My Ballard Facebook group. Added Rachel, “My children will be devastated.”

The restaurant has called Ballard home for over 10 years, attracting good-sized crowds on weekend mornings. The Original Pancake House is a franchise with hundreds of locations nationwide. Besides Ballard, there are restaurants located in Redmond and Bothell.

“We thank all our wonderful customers that have supported the Original Pancake House in Seattle for so many years,” the sign explains.

We’ve reached out to the owners to learn more about why they’re making the switch — and if any the employees will stick around. (Thanks to Deb, Tim and Debbie for the tips.)

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22 thoughts to “The Original Pancake House closes, to reopen as Crown Hill Broiler”

  1. Wow, that place was always busy, and I heard other people say positive things, especially those with children. I did like the food at their other locations, though. I’ll be interested to see how successfully they make the drastic changes they have planned. I hope they gave their workers some warning.

  2. I wonder, how many here commenting on this place have been here, say 20 years? 30? More? Ever run a business? Um, isn’t this about “progress” and “swimming” instead of “sinking”? Keeping up with the hip/trendy isn’t always an easy task. Broadening their scope and serving even more people and their tastes will be job #1. Why would anybody think anything else? Can anybody here find a “terrible cup of coffee”, and why not? Crappy places won’t last a day around here. Good for them. Water’s warm, jump in!

  3. John, nobody cares for your trolling. Ballard’s inclusivity is a positive for us as a community. Juvenile anti-vegan comment isn’t contributory to this article’s discussion.

  4. Just what Ballard needs, another expensive restaurant that is not open for breakfast anymore. Maybe not enough business during the week to afford the rent. OPH will be missed. Just like McGrath’s.

  5. First of all, it doesn’t have “hundreds” of locations around the country. It has like seven or eight. DO a little due diligence. When I was young (long, long ago) there was an OPH near me in Wilmette, IL which I loved. Then when we moved to Seattle, I was surprised to find one here. And when my daughter went to school in Portland, at Lewis and Clark College, we found the original Original Pancake House. And it IS a house. (No credit cards and waitresses in 1950’s unis). I will miss the potatoes pancakes….

  6. That was one of the best breakfasts in the area. They tried a dinner service that was outstanding, as well. I loved the interior wood paneling–I hope the remodel doesn’t change that.
    The people who actually served there were kind and caring. I would like to thank them for their service–they were the best. Sorry to see the place go.

  7. we are really disappointed to hear the pancake house closing. we ate there often, and the food and service was always excellent. why change a good thing. really dumb. they were always busy too, which says something good about their food and service.

  8. Sad to see one of the very few places close that knew how to make great pancakes. Making great pancake’s is actually become a true art and it will be missed.

  9. I drove over to the Pancake House often from the Haller Lake neighborhood, just south of Shoreline. I loved it, the food was great, and I loved the pine walls with all the plates for decoration. I, too, thought the service was great and always meant to try the apple cinnamon Dutch baby, if that was the name of it. I’m so sorry I never had a large enough group to share one of those, but I’m happy to hear there is a Pancake House in Bothell, and I’ll likely try that one. Thanks for the info–honestly, who needs another broiler? There aren’t enough good breakfast places around, but I understand that a business must do what they can to stay competitive. I wish them success in their new venture and do hope the Pancake House employees found good employment or that they will be back.

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