Briefs: Thunder, mystery noise, Subway bike robbery, Captain America and more…

THUNDER: Did you hear all the thunder last night? A lightning strike was detected in Wallingford near the QFC, but no damage was reported. There were no strikes detected in the Ballard area.

MYSTERY NOISE: My Ballard reader Noreen sent us a note asking about all the noise near 65th and 24th in the morning hours. “It sounds like a leaf blower, only louder,” she says. Adds Gabrielle on Twitter, “(It) sounds *exactly* like the opening of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song.” Any ideas?

SUBWAY BIKE ROBBERY: Police responded to the 4500 block of 9th Ave. NW on Tuesday night for a report of a robbery. According to the scanner, the Subway was robbed at gunpoint, and the suspect was seen escaping on… one of those green rental bikes. (Thanks Silver for the tip.)

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Speaking of bizarre crimes, a suspected package thief caught on camera in Phinney Ridge was carrying a Captain America shield. “Most superheroes you don’t think of stealing people’s mail,” the victim told KIRO TV.

MISSING LINK: There was a big turnout for last night’s Missing Link get-together at Peddler Brewery, featuring councilmember Mike O’Brien, the Cascade Bicycle Club and others supporting opening (closing?) the Missing Link in 2018. (Here’s our earlier story.)

PHINNEY APARTMENTS: The city has approved a rezone for the Phinney property at 7009 Greenwood Ave. N., boosting the high limit up to 65 feet. An apartment complex is planned.

FREMONT OFFICE: That prominent Fremont corner where Stone, 34th and Northlake come together — right next to the Burke Gilman trail — will become the site of a new office development. It will feature a pass-through for pedestrian and cyclists and a rooftop deck.

EL CAMION TRUCK: It took us awhile, but we noticed the El Camion burrito truck has moved across the street and down a bit, next to the drive-through Starbucks on 15th.

(Photo from the Seattle office of the National Weather Service).

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7 thoughts to “Briefs: Thunder, mystery noise, Subway bike robbery, Captain America and more…”

  1. Sure, let’s just convince more businesses to move out of Seattle and kill a bunch of industrial jobs so a bunch of weekend hobbyists can have their little bike trail.

  2. @Hay: Who’s convincing who now? I thought Ballard industrial workers were supposed to be tough, not a bunch of snowflakes, scared of a bike path. Why can’t they be more like the tough Frelard industrial workers, who have co-existed just fine with the BGT for decades?

  3. i don’t think that the el camion truck on the west side of 15th is the same as the trailer parked in the mud bay parking lot – the former is an actual truck, the latter is a trailer which would need to be towed.

  4. Hahaha, I had to go listen to the beginning of Immigrant Song to figure out what noise you meant. Sounds exactly like a street cleaner truck. I’ve heard and seen it periodically go up and down 20th Ave near 65th. Makes a swishing sound. Probably it goes all over and they do it late to avoid traffic. Maybe that’s what you heard?

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