Briefs: Ballard Commons, Nickelsville, Loyal Heights, Joli and more

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BALLARD COMMONS: The Seattle PI published a story about Seattle Police handing out $500 trespassing tickets to campers at Ballard Commons Park last month. We talked with Will Lemke with the city, and he confirmed the tickets were handed out by officers — and that they’re unenforceable. The city’s “navigation team” is working to notify those who received the tickets that they will not have to pay the fines.

NICKELSVILLE: Lemke also tells us there’s no new information on when Ballard Nickelsville will make the move to Northlake, which has been delayed from the target date of mid-December. “But we will have news to share shortly,” he said.

SALMON BAY ASSAULT: Speaking of non-updates, SPD says there’s no new info in the Salmon Bay Park assault case. We know there’s a lot of interest in the case, and we’ll keep checking.

LOYAL HEIGHTS PLAY AREA: The final community meeting for the Loyal Heights Play Area renovation project is on Monday, February 12, 2018 at 7 p.m. at the Loyal Heights Community Center. Parents are encouraged to bring their children.

OCEAN BEAUTY SEAFOODS: We did a story earlier this week about Keyport moving out of Ballard, and KIRO 7 spoke with Ocean Beauty Seafoods, another Ballard seafood company that’s moving most its operation out of the neighborhood. They made the announcement last year.

JOLI HIRE: The 65th St. restaurant and bar Joli has hired the highly-regarded bar manager, Robert Rowland, who worked for a decade crafting cocktails at Oliver’s Twist.

NEIGHBORHOOD MATCHING FUND: One of the best ways to fund neighborhood improvements, the Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund is holding a workshop on Wednesday, January 31, at 6 p.m. at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, 6532 Phinney Ave N.

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17 thoughts to “Briefs: Ballard Commons, Nickelsville, Loyal Heights, Joli and more”

  1. The soy boys just love having these deadbeats living in Nickelsville. Maybe they can inject tofu using all their FREE NEEDLES!

  2. Of course! Break any misdemeanor law in Seattle and no fines, no jail, just have your way with the place. There are no consequences for minor criminal offenses. Not even community service time.
    In the mean time, Businesses are closing up shop and moving away because they can no longer afford the cost of doing business in Ballard.
    Let’s see if we hear from the Sawant Crapital Hill trolls on this one accusing everyone of hating the homeless and that non-service jobs are not as important as bicycle trails.

  3. so, just to understand – if you are “homeless” and get a ticket, no problem, you don’t have to pay.

    city sanctioned camp has a set start and end date – overstays its departure date, no problem, your word (the city, the advocates at nicklesville) means nothing, ok. got it.

  4. All of these soy boy cuck libtard beta male snowflake RINO globalist lycra clad PC triggered SJWs just need to get over their participation trophies and retreat to their safe space. These Mike O’Brien voters need to be arrested, thrown in jail, moved along, and thrown in jail. Again. Why should my taxes pay for anything or anybody else, especially the soy boy cuck libtard beta male snowflake RINO globalist lycra clad PC triggered SJWs? The soy boys just love having these deadbeats living in Nickelsville. Maybe they can inject tofu using all their FREE NEEDLES! If you are “homeless” and get a ticket, no problem, you don’t have to pay.

  5. I’m going to stop paying my property taxes. Just because I’m from a “marginalized” community in Seattle, ie. law abiding taxpayers.

  6. Heck, I’m still waiting for our wonderful city council to approve “special lanes” for drinking/drunk drivers. Because they too just can’t help themselves and need places to go do their thing too. Without chaos and their permanent underclass these libtards are sunk. What’s worse, are the residents who have been conditioned and keep voting the same way. Turn off MSNBC for Gods sakes. I like the idea of not paying property taxes. Where are the rent-a-mobs when truly needed? Where are the “uppity women” marching? I’ll wait……….

  7. I think a good solution is for all the old white bitter men who just despise Seattle leave. That would free up enough housing to solve a lot of our problems. I think everyone wins in this situation.

  8. @Megan The Vegan

    If you got them all the leave you wouldn’t have anyone else to tax, rely upon, and simultaneously blame for everything. You know, like daddy’s trust fund.

  9. The young tech workers bring in way more money than the old Ballard people complaining about high prices (because they are actually poor, even though they hate the poor.)

    The younger people have adapted to the changing world, which is why they don’t sit around and complain like all the old people. It’s probably time to shove them into the tar pits.

  10. The opportunity for civil discourse, constructive input and just plain old decency seems to totally fly over the heads of the likes of ‘access hollywood’ , ‘echo chamber’ and others.
    If you can’t be part of the solution then you certainly are part of the smoke screen obscuring the problem.
    It’s more than a little embarrassing having this backwoods, name calling empty rant rhetoric all the time. Take this bit of advice from someone who has lived and worked here since 1979. I like it here, I like working with and helping people who need it and I would not trade our imperfect little village for your narrow minded picture perfect palace – whatever that looks like.

  11. The original story about the $500 ticket was written by an advocacy journalist, and a proponent of “stop the sweeps.” He had previously attempted to rally “supporters” of the Commons campers to observe what he essentially regards as a human rights violation.

    There has been only one ticket documented, and it doesn’t tell the whole story behind its issuance. I doubt you’d read anything that didn’t correspond with the “Stop the Sweeps” narrative from this source.

    I observed for about an hour the Encampment cleanup and was impressed by the professionalism and human decency of the police and others doing what was clearly a disagreeable job. There was no threat of violence or intimidation of any kind.

  12. Oh look, an elitist millennial vegan. Quite the rare bird in these parts, but not nearly as rare as a successful city policy – and rumor has it those are nearly extinct due to encroachment by an invasive species of self congratulatory hippie corporate pigeons. You can spot these blue crested hypocrites easily due to their vibrant plumage and their mimicry of the and loud noise coming from Netflix or Jezebel.

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