Ballard food blogger launches ‘Not Without Salt Shop’ and her own video show

It’s hard to tell how Ballard entrepreneur Ashley Rodriguez finds time to do it all.

She created a very popular food blog (Not Without Salt), wrote a book (Date Night In) and started selling her own salts and cookie mixes. Then she’s started her own space at the corner of 3rd Ave. NW and 65th St., Not Without Salt Shop, where she hosts workshops and meal events. And now she’s launching a new video show, Kitchen Unnecessary.

Both the shop and her upcoming video show will be celebrated in a private launch party this Saturday afternoon.

“That’s a good question,” she responded when we asked how’s she able to do it all. “First of all, I have an incredibly supportive husband who helps in everything I do. When you make your passion your work it doesn’t even feel like work. I’m so excited to get up and start tackling the to do list,” Rodriguez said. “Except the laundry. That is never done.”

“With this new project, Kitchen Unnecessary, it feels like we’re making our dream our career and that is incredibly exciting,” she said.

The show (watch the preview) features Rodriguez venturing into the outdoors — rain, shine or snow — to cook and enjoy a seasonal local meal. The first episode, which was shot in the woods outside Port Ludlow, will be shown at Saturday’s event.

A 10-year resident of Ballard, Rodriguez says she loves the neighborhood.

“I am so excited to dig deeper into this community with the Not Without Salt Shop (above),” she said. “I love food but what I really love is feeding people, and now I have a beautiful 12-foot long table to fill. We plan to host private dinners, workshops and fun pop-ups. I’m eager to build relationships around the table.”

(Photos from @KitchenUnnecessary and @NotWithoutSaltShop on Instagram.)

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  1. To be fair, it is cheaper to ferry to the Peninsula and forage than buy groceries in Seattle.
    I give the video high marks for the conspicuous lack of bacon related products rammed into every hipster menu item. Best wishes on your venture.

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