School bus drivers planning to strike tomorrow

Thursday update: The strike is underway.

Earlier: The union representing school bus drivers in the city of Seattle say they’re planning to strike tomorrow (Thursday) over “unfair labor practices.”

“This is not a one day strike,” said Jamie Fleming, spokesperson for Teamsters Local 174. “This is a strike that is going to last until a deal is reached.”

That means there will be no yellow bus service for the duration. “You will need to use your family’s plan to get your student to and from school,” the school district said.

The company, First Student, and the Teamsters have been negotiating a new deal, but health and retirement benefits are sticking points.

“The deal on the table, we believe, is fair and equitable to all parties,” said First Student in a statement. “We care deeply about our drivers, and feel strongly that this deal reflects that.”

The First Student drivers held a one-day strike on Nov. 29. Approximately 12,000 students ride a yellow bus daily.

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Concerned Ballard Millennial
Concerned Ballard Millennial

This is going to totally wreck my bus route


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