Juveniles ‘possible suspects’ in Magnolia arson, not connected to other fires

About a week ago, we told you about a fire set in an abandoned building on Fort Lawton in Discovery Park. It was the latest in a series of unsolved arson cases in Magnolia that have some similarities to Ballard’s dumpster fires.

This afternoon Seattle Police said they have identified and interviewed two juveniles as “possible suspects” in the case. But the Arson Bomb Squad says it does not believe the juveniles are connected to any other suspicious fires.

So it looks like this latest Magnolia fire — which was on January 21st — may not be connected to the unsolved cases in Magnolia or the dumpster arson cases in Ballard.

However, Seattle Police says it remains “an active and on-going investigation.”

(Photo of the Fort Lawton fire from KOMO News. See more here).

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4 thoughts to “Juveniles ‘possible suspects’ in Magnolia arson, not connected to other fires”

  1. if the police put “active and on-going investigation” in quotes don’t that mean they aren’t actually doing anything about it?

  2. So, you’re saying the very parents that complain this was set by horrible homeless people raised the kids that actually started the fire?

    Oh dear, the Nextdoor community will be up in arms. Too bad they chased out the one sensible person that was brave enough to post photos of the sort of teen brats responsible for these crimes.

    What about that crazy conspiracy that the city encourages squatters to perform such acts so that people sell their houses for cheap to developers? How does that play into this? Are the Magnolia juveniles actually in cahoots with said developers and the city council? Perhaps these kids were being paid with free candy bars to take action and chase long-time residents away

  3. @Ramona: Most of the houses that are set on fire were already slated for development. The “conspiracy” is that developers have the houses burned down to avoid the lengthy process of obtaining demolition permits.

  4. Hey Ramona: I knew the homeless weren’t starting these fires. They’re too busy stealing bikes, shooting up and trashing our neighborhood.

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