Heritage Distilling to open Ballard location

Ballard isn’t just about beer. The most awarded craft distillery in the country, Gig Harbor-based Heritage Distilling is planning to open a space in Ballard.

“It’s true, we are opening a production facility, tasting room and retail space in Ballard in late spring 2018,” said Hannah Hanley, Heritage’s chief marketing officer when we spotted the company’s application for a liquor license.

They’ll be opening at 1836 NW Market St., right next to Ballard Blossom.

Heritage sells hand-crafted, small batch spirits — vodka, whiskey, gin and bourbon. It’s Brown Sugar Bourbon (BSB) is especially popular.

“We manage the entire process of making our spirits by hand – from identifying and working directly with the farmers growing our grains, to ensuring the purity of our water source, to milling the grain, making our own mash and wort and running our own custom made stills,” explains the Heritage website.

The company already has locations in Gig Harbor, Roslyn and Eugene, and it also plans to open a Capitol Hill location this spring.

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7 thoughts to “Heritage Distilling to open Ballard location”

  1. This post is funny because it starts by saying Ballard isn’t just about beer but provides no evidence to the contrary — only that beer isn’t just about Ballard : )

  2. If there’s one thing I know will help the booze industry in Seattle it’s a whopping liquor tax. Hopefully we can get that sucker raised by half a point here soon. I love coming back after long trips and paying 40% more here than places in Europe for American products.

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