Briefs: Banned from the gym, Night Out, no parking, Gather Kitchen and more

A few quick news updates from Ballard and Fremont…

BANNED FROM THE GYM – The NW Fitness Project (pictured above at the corner of N 36th St. and Greenwood Ave. in Fremont) has banned a known white nationalist leader from attending the gym. The owner says he’s received some threatening messages — as well as lots of 5-star reviews — after the Stranger ran the story.

BALLARD NIGHT OUT – The monthly neighborhood art event is tonight (Thursday) from 6-9 p.m. Here’s a list of participating venues and artists.

DROP-IN TOWN HALL – Rep. Noel Frame and Rep. Gael Tarleton will hold a “drop-in town hall” this Sunday at Flying Bike Coop (8570 Greenwood Ave N) from 4 to 7 p.m. “We’ll keep it informal and in small-group conversation,” Frame said. “Drop by anytime in the 3 hour window that works for you! We look forward to hearing from you!”

PHINNEY NO PARKING – A new 57-unit development on Greenwood Ave. N does not plan to offer parking, which prompted an appeal from Phinney residents who said it doesn’t meet the “frequent transit” rule because buses didn’t arrive as often as scheduled. The city does not agree.

HOP IDOL – Attention homebrewers: the deadline to enter Reuben’s Brews’ annual “Hop Idol” contest is tomorrow (Friday). Good luck!

GATHER KITCHEN – The Seattle Times reviews Gather Kitchen in Ballard and gives it “hits and misses” — after the reviewer visited three times.

BALLARD HIGH MUSIC – The choral director of Ballard High, Courtney Rowley, will receive the prestigious “Outstanding Educator” award from the Elliott Bay Music Educator Association at the Washington Music Educators Association conference on Saturday. Congrats Courtney!

BALLARD CIVIC ORCHESTRASeattle Weekly profiles Paula Madrigal, who leads the Ballard Civic Orchestra and the Young String Project.

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15 thoughts to “Briefs: Banned from the gym, Night Out, no parking, Gather Kitchen and more”

  1. Was that really necessary? Legal even? If a Christian lady is forced to tolerate homosexuality and has to bake a cake for a gay wedding, how can a white nationalist be forced out of a wanky gym for his views? Not that I agree with his views but this is hypocrisy. If he was threatening people there or inciting violence somehow then fine, but otherwise I think the gym and the “Puget Sound Anarchists” or whoever complained about it are in the wrong. Maybe he would have made some Jewish friends there or ones with different points of view!

  2. Sure, the guy is an as*hole, but so is about half of my gym. Cheap virtue signalling PR stunt.
    If this guy was a wanted criminal, then arrest and press charges. If not, then they are simply discriminating based on his political views – which are unfortunately not all that different than certain Eastern fundamentalist religions the progressives loves to fawn over.

  3. There is no federal law against refusing to serve someone based on their political beliefs (I believe). However, there are some local laws against it. So, in fact, there are many places in the US where you could refuse to serve Trump supporters. But Seattle has laws against discrimination based on political ideology that extend beyond the workplace and into public accommodations including restaurants, shops, recreational facilities. However, you have to prove that you have been harmed by the alleged discrimination. At least that is how I understand the laws that are in place now.

  4. @Kip
    So you gotta bake the cake against your religion but they can refuse to serve you if you voted for Trump?
    It’s almost like progressives troll themselves with their hypocrisy. And no, I’m not a Trumper.

  5. Most states ban most businesses from discriminating against clients based on the clients’ race, religion, sex or national origin. That does not include political affiliation. In the case of gay clients – being gay is not a choice. It is physiological so it is analogous to being of a certain race or sex. If one’s religion does not believe in reproductive endocrinology and intersex conditions that doesn’t put one above those laws. I don’t really see it as hypocrisy. You can change your political affiliation, you can change your religion, but you can’t change your position on the spectrum of sexuality – people would if they could. Seattle, in contrast, does appear to ban discrimination based on political affiliation if you are harmed by the treatment. So if Johnson gets fat because he can’t work out – maybe he’ll have a case.

  6. @Kip
    White wedding cakes are racist symbols of patriarchal monogamy-normative hetero-conformity, and we don’t call people “fat” anymore. Fat shaming is a micro-aggression.

  7. I don’t understand why anyone would want to go to a gym nowadays anyway. Talk about pushing traditional antiquated ideas of male masculinity!! You think you’re better than me just because you can pick up heavier things??? If anything, we should be leaving the gym to ONLY these micro-aggressing Trump followers. I’ve evolved beyond the need.

  8. I agree with you, Alexander. I’m not going to set foot in a gym unless all the weights are exactly the same size. No one should be shamed for not being able to lift as much as anyone else.

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