Geo’s opens a new restaurant in Greenwood

The owners of Geo’s Cuban & Creole in Ballard have opened a second location, Geo’s Bar and Grill, near the corner of Holman Rd. and Greenwood Ave. N.

“When customers walk in for the first time, they are immediately transported in time to an era when Havana was the playground for the world,” explains Kim Gianotti, who owns the business along with her husband and chef Geo Rodriguez.

Geo’s Bar and Grill is much larger than the Ballard cafe, and it features a full bar, original Cuban art and a stage to feature local latin jazz musicians on the weekends. In the bar, “high ceilings, black-and-white checked floors, palm trees, art filled walls and fabulous upholstered furniture fill the room,” Gianotti explains.

The new restaurant features many favorites from Geo’s in Ballard — Cubano Sandwich, Puerco Asado, Palomilla Steak, and El Caribe Sandwich — but there are new additions, as well.

“Chef Geo added several new appetizers such as Hush-Puppies, Ham Croquettes, Fish Croquettes, Medianoche Sliders and and spicy prawns with Yuca Frita,” she said. “Also new are the Smoked Chicken and Garbanzo Bean Salad, Pan Con Bistec Sliders, and Pastelitos de Guayaba for dessert.”

Geo’s Bar and Grill is located at 10515 Greenwood Ave N, and it opens at 4 p.m. on weekdays (closed on Monday) and at 11 a.m. on the weekends.

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