Chef Eric Rivera opening Ballard pop-up space

Chef and entrepreneur Eric Rivera loves to experiment with food, often in the form of pop-up events. His Addo project is already holding events on Capitol Hill, and now Rivera has secured a Ballard location: the Royal Drummer Cafe on 24th Ave NW near 65th St.

While the cafe operates during the day, Addo will take over on selected nights beginning next month, which you can schedule in advance along with his Capitol Hill location right here.

“A whole new set of experiences [are] on the way like movie nights, beer tastings, cooking classes, wine tastings, Richard’s aplenty, new chefs in residence, Leconchito nights with delivery and pick up options, and so much more!!!” he wrote on Instagram.

He told Eater that Addo is more like an “incubator” than a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

“Our dinners range in style from fast food style burger pop-ups to 15 course tasting menus,” explains Rivera on his website. “Our goal is to be accessible at most price points and give our guests unique and fun ways to dine.”

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