Tree smashes into Loyal Heights Playfield

It’s a good thing the Loyal Heights Playfield is slated to get new equipment, because a large tree landed right on top of the play structure.

The tree toppled over in the high winds last night, crushing a bench and coming to rest on top of the structure. Fortunately no kids were playing at the time, and there are no injuries. It’s unclear how much damage was sustained by the structure.

As you might imagine, the area is now taped off and closed.

As we’ve been reporting, the city is in the middle of a $600,000 project to replace the play equipment at the park. Just last week, the city held a final community meeting to review the designs before construction begins.

Construction is scheduled for fall of this year, but we wonder if this latest event will move things along a little faster. We’ll keep you updated.

(Photos by @Mary_BethG on Twitter. She has a couple more photos here.)

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13 thoughts to “Tree smashes into Loyal Heights Playfield”

  1. @Matt
    You should be surprised it doesn’t cost $1.5mil
    I’m sure the contractor is rainbow buddies with the CC or something.

  2. @Matt

    Look at the plans and you will be even more depressed. You would think for $600k you would see some amazing playground with great amenities, like what they have at Seattle Center. Instead it looks like what every other city in the country installs for about $20,000. Even the manufacturers of the equipment would put the high end at around $50,000, and they aren’t looking at the high end stuff for Loyal.

    So assuming $40,000 (being generous) for the equipment and maybe $50,000 for installation and landscaping that leaves $510,000 for…?

    It must be nice for Seattle Parks to have zero accountability.

  3. Ballardite –

    If you actually click through to your link, a combination of a large play structure, plus 3 small ones is actually over $200,000 (similar to what is at the playground at golden gardens. Like the “Robin’s Nest” is listed at $129,035 (without shipping). Add a few Toddler small items (15-30K each) and re-do the sandbox, it all adds up.

    Now, an additional 300-350K seems like a lot, but the prices also don’t include removal of the old structures, cost of surfacing (natural or rubbery) and the installation of all that stuff. I’m sure there is also some architect who gets 25-50K per playground in there because the city would have to prove they didn’t build a kiddy death trap in case it gets sued if someone got hurt.

  4. Seems funny the city needs $600k for what is, essentially, a bunch of repurposed tires. logs, and whatnot – made safe for child use, of course – and couldn’t find someone to do it cheaper than what looks like the absolutely premium, costliest sales catalog products. Oh well, we all know Seattle is all about “recycling” and “minimalism” only when it’s convenient and/or used as a some kind of moral signalling.

    No “local artisans” available to do it cheaper?

  5. Looks like this is where all the tunnel money went. As a concerned parent I’d rather have a decent playground than an overpriced tunnel.

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