High-speed collision on Holman Road

A fast-moving car narrowly missed other drivers and ricocheted off a tree on Holman Road just after 4 p.m. on Friday, a witness says.

My Ballard reader Mike captured this photo right after the car hit the tree. He said the occupants appeared to be OK, and they took off on foot shortly after the crash.

“Amazingly they didn’t hit anyone coming the other way,” he said. “Hug your loved ones people, this car came out of NOWHERE and could have killed multiple innocents.”

We are contacting Seattle Police to learn more details.

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7 thoughts to “High-speed collision on Holman Road”

  1. wow. the occupants of the car ran away? hmmm, nothing illegal going on there. lots of scumbag criminals in the neighborhood these days. these dangerous aholes could have killed multiple people…

  2. Stolen car previously seen breaking into mailboxes? Reckless driving, no insurance, no driver’s license and nothing to fear in someone else’s car? Just another day in Freeattle for the criminal element.

  3. @ Fuzzy: “where are the cops”? They are overwhelmed, minding the created nar-do-wells, that’s where. Seen anything lately about “more police on the force”? Me neither. These ARE the 15% or so of our population doing 85%+ of all crimes committed. Recidivism is the word you’re looking for.

  4. Hey it’s just a junkie Democrat voter hurrying to the polls to vote “yes” on the newest tax increase. Zhe was probably angrily tweeting about Trump at the time, too.

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