Frankie & Jo’s opens on 70th St.

As scheduled, the vegan ice cream shop Frankie & Jo’s is now open on NW 70th St. near 14th Ave. in Ballard. If you venture out the back of the small shop, you’ll find this outdoor cactus garden to enjoy your plant-based ice cream.

Frankie and Jo’s hours are noon to 11 p.m. daily.

(Photos from AJ Ragasa)

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13 thoughts to “Frankie & Jo’s opens on 70th St.”

  1. Vegans should be dropped bear-ass naked on an African savanna smothered in honey to learn how the natural world actually behaves. Virtue signaling gets shat out by a pack of animals pretty fast.

  2. Welcome to the neighborhood. I wish them luck and success! Anybody opening a business has temerity and nerve. While I may not crave vegan ice cream, hopefully others will. Hey Carl, they are not sitting and waiting for goodness to happen. Uh uh, they are making their own breaks. HOO-AH for that!

  3. I took my little pupster in yesterday and they were so accommodating. They even let him behind the counter and let him choose which one he wanted. Definitely was a fan of the Beet Strawberry Rose.

  4. “They even let him behind the counter and let him choose which one he wanted”

    I hope he lived his b@lls before sniffing around and testing the ice cream back there.

  5. I love carrying plastic bags of organic dog poo around the ‘hood and tossing them in other people’s garbage cans and recycle bins and forcing others to walk around my because I take up the entire sidewalk.

    I like to cap off a nice day of doing this my heading on over for a nice vegan cone and some instagram-ing.
    Just say NO to pet vaccinations!

  6. Is this “Yappy Hour” thing real?
    Why bother having health codes if dogs are running around restaurants and grocery stores like it’s the Dark Ages?

  7. Did dogs run around restaurants and grocery stores in the dark ages? I know double coupons started around that time, but wasn’t sure on the dog thing.

  8. We tried the Salty Caramel Ash and Molten Chocolate Cake. They were good on their own but combining them scoop for scoop was truly delicious! There was nothing about these that made you think you were missing out on real cream. The chocolate was deep and rich, and not too sweet.
    And the idea of dogs doesn’t scare or bother me. I think some people must live in a plastic bubble.
    So, welcome to the neighborhood!

  9. @Curtis
    Dogs are fine. Once upon a time – must’ve been way back when we still had things like “common decency” “morality” and “boundaries” – people used to leave pets at home or leave them outside for 5min without creating a United Nations/ACLU issue out of their narcissism attachment disorders.

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