Ballard chamber orchestra wins first runner-up at national competition

The Ballard High School chamber orchestra, directed by Brittany Newell, placed first runner-up today at the National Orchestra Cup in New York City.

And the orchestra’s viola section took the award for the best string section.

The Orchestra Cup is an annual competition at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center to crown the top high school orchestra in the nation. Only 10 schools were selected to attend, and it was the first time Ballard High has been invited to the event.

Congratulations BHS!

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11 thoughts to “Ballard chamber orchestra wins first runner-up at national competition”

  1. Wow! Fantastic! Congratulations, quite an accomplishment.
    Too bad all of Floyd’s taste is in his mouth because his pea-brain is incapable of appreciating such a terrific showing by these musicians. I am proud to support them as are most people in Seattle.

  2. Kudos to these hard-working musicians. You make us proud. As a board member for Ballard Performing Arts Boosters, I can assure Floyd that his tax dollars go only to the music teacher salaries. The families pay for these trips and the Boosters, PTSA, Corporate Sponsors, alumni, and multiple foundations support this program. Because we have a supportive community the 400 students that participate in performing arts have amazing opportunities and show extraordinary commitment. It sets them on roads to great places and the program is one reason we chose to send our daughter to Ballard.

  3. I’ll correct Floyd’s statement –

    “I can’t believe our SUPER high taxes are not used to pay for this amazing opportunity for our youth. More music funding PLEASE!”


  4. I completely agree with the other Floyd. Public support for the arts is a fundamental government function that dates back at least to the Renaissance. I have no interest in living in a colorless gulag. My wholehearted congratulations to the orchestra. Music will shape and serve their entire lives and their sharing it with us enhances ours.

  5. Yeah when i’m sitting in traffic it makes me feel better that I’m paying for some twerp to play the oboe instead of getting to where I NEED to be.

  6. Hey dummy, that’s a bad argument. You know what else goes back to at least the Renaissance? Slavery. Just because governments of the past did something, doesn’t mean it’s inherently good. Think!

  7. I agree with OLYCOLEY IS A RACIST. I too believe that Olycoley is a racist. Check your privilege, my ignorant friend. This is Seattle, not 1860s South Dakota!

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