Have an upcoming project? The new Ballard Tool Library can help

Thanks to the hard work of Sustainable Ballard volunteers, the brand new Ballard Tool Library has opened its doors on 15th Ave. NW near NW 77th St.

Similar to a book library, you pay a small suggested fee, sign a waiver and check out the tools you need for any project at hand. The library has all the usual drills, saws and hand tools, but is also has things like sewing machines, juicers and compost aerators.

This is a bit of a “soft launch” — the official grand opening is planned for next Sunday, March 11th — but the response so far has been great, says Sustainable Ballard President Jenny Heins.

“We have had a lot more people drop in to donate tools than to borrow them,” she told My Ballard. “Now that we have finally found a location, we have gotten about 1,000 tools donated. The majority have come from overstock in other local tool libraries. Seattleites are a very sharing people.”

At the grand opening on March 11th from 12-5 p.m., the Ballard Tool Library will offer snacks, drinks and information on how to become a member and volunteer. If you come before 3 p.m., you can participate in tool demonstrations and lessons.

Located at 7549B 15th Ave NW, the tool library is currently open three days a week: Sunday 12-5 p.m., Tuesday 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and Thursday 6-8 p.m. More details here.

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6 thoughts to “Have an upcoming project? The new Ballard Tool Library can help”

  1. As a homeless person, I resent that comment. Check your home-privilege. Not all of us our dirty rotten dirties. Just some of us…..like Josh on 3rd and Pine. He sucks

  2. Floyal,
    How long until your cynicism steals the rest of your humanity? Suppose you’re against public libraries for books as well?

    I’m personally looking forward to using this library to explore wood working without investing thousands (more) in tools.

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