It looks like Jones Brothers has closed

When restaurants open, they send us press releases galore. But when they close, they often disappear quietly into the night.

Back in January, the My Ballard Facebook group noticed an online listing (.pdf) to sell the Jones Brothers restaurant — the restaurant itself, not the building — located at 5449 Ballard Ave. NW (in the old Balmar space.) We emailed the restaurant to see what was up, but heard no response.

Now Yelp reviewers were first to notice that Jones Brothers has apparently closed. Eater, too. We called Jones Brothers, but it appears the number is disconnected. Their website, Facebook and Instagram make no mention that the restaurant is closed. And it appears it’s no longer for sale.

All this adds up to the likely scenario that someone has bought the restaurant, and either it will reopen as itself — or as another restaurant — in the coming weeks.

While it was open — for about a year — Jones Brothers had positive reviews, 3.5 stars on Yelp and 4.5 stars on My Ballard’s restaurant page.

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19 thoughts to “It looks like Jones Brothers has closed”

  1. Hate to see businesses fold but I can’t say I’m surprised. If you’re going to be a place in Ballard whose “thing” is pasta and meatballs then they better be pretty darn spectacular. Sadly not.

  2. Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, (sure they are corporate) People’s Pub, Kickin’ Boot, Volterra, (might come back) Skillet Diner, Jones brothers…

    Has Ballard reached a saturation point of restaurants?

  3. So sad to read all this. One recent Sat. I couldn’t get past the long line at Skillet, next thing soon after, they were gone! I still lament The Golden Beetle too. And go to the Scandinavian Specialties store at every opportunity. Tough times.

  4. We dropped in to the former Jones Bros a week or so ago. We peered into the windows and there were a couple of guys in there working who brought us in and were super-happy to talk with us. Looks like it’s going to be a church and a “venue” for celebrations. Maybe Geeky Swedes or someone can get more details.

  5. Last I heard it’s supposed to be a church AND a bar. It didn’t succeed as Jones Bros. because it never looked like it was open; no exterior lighting or exterior signage (except the unlit “Jones Bros.” at the top corner of the building. Plus, they started off with a great happy hour(s); imagine good Sloppy Joe’s served on a brioche bun. Unfortunately, it degenerated into overly spiced and sauced meatballs on regular hamburger buns. Bartenders I spoke to there had the same concerns; I feel sorry for them. It will be missed because of them, and I’m not going to “church” unless it’s a tax deduction for every drink.

  6. Thanks for the info – I will avoid “The Cathedral” as I do the other religious businesses in Ballard. It is sad to see young people so lost and directionless and susceptible to grifters that they are willing to desperately revisit the intolerant douchebaggery of the past. Many have added their own white nationalist twist to many of the newer churches though. That’s a nice touch. I guess people never stop being brainless.

  7. Back in the day, Jones Bros was one of the best meat markets in the city. I believe the small sign was left there because of the history of the place. The Jones family were well known & loved in Ballard. When I was a kid & mom would buy a 50 lb pkg. Of beef, oldman Jones would throw in a gallon of icecream.

  8. @Floyd what tf are you talking about?

    This is about a restauant, not a church. Please do yourself a favor and read the aricle before commenting. Thank you.

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