SDOT postpones next week’s bridge work

Seattle Department of Transportation has decided to postpone its Ballard Bridge maintenance work scheduled for March 12-16th “so that additional maintenance can be done at the same time.” The new dates have not been scheduled.

It’s unclear if the change is related to the backlash associated with this week’s unannounced lane closures (above) that sparked long backups heading in and out of Ballard.

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4 thoughts to “SDOT postpones next week’s bridge work”

  1. That midday bridge work was nuts. Traffic in much of Magnolia and QA was in gridlock, as hundreds (thousands?) of individuals and businesses were inconvenienced and delayed. The cost in lost productivity must have been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  2. Screaming and rioting is the only way to get SDOT attention. It saved the pedestrian overpass on Holman Road. SDOT could care less what the public thinks until the outrage boils over.

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