Bar Church to open ‘Cathedral’ on Ballard Ave.

A couple days ago, we told you about the quiet closure of the Jones Brothers restaurant on Ballard Ave. near Market St. Now we know what’s planned for the space.

The founders of Bar Church — a church that got its start meeting at the Queen Anne Beerhall — have leased the building, both for their own events and as a venue for others.

“We will be opening as an events venue called Cathedral that will donate all profit to charities throughout the city,” Bar Church co-founder Nate Stone told My Ballard. “Our goal is to be open for bookings by the end of the month. Separately we will be hosting Bar Church the first two Sunday’s of the month.”

To kick things off, this Sunday they’ll be making and distributing lunches to the homeless throughout Seattle. The event is in partnership with Hashtag Lunchbag Seattle, and it will get underway at the Ballard Ave. building at 10 a.m.

Bar Church describes itself as aspiring to “create a safe place for people of all backgrounds to explore spirituality through the lens of Jesus while actively working together to tangibly make the world a better place.” And yes, they do drink during church. For more on details, The Evergrey wrote this story in January.

Stone said the lease came together quickly and they’re still working out a lot of the details.

“We are excited to be a part of the Ballard community and look forward to contributing positively however we can,” he said.

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  1. I think st.lukes got that market and there is trouble there all the time ,homeless have no regards to anything but them selves and nothing but a parasite and can’t have a peace of mind walking down market street or shopping at QFC . Can’t wait to move to Vegas soon
    ..ballard sucks now !

  2. I guess all the women are offscreen, raising multiple children and gettin’ all those plates of buffalo wings ready for the broheims to eat during the Hawks game.

  3. Lot of men in that picture. Jeez, i hope this is not a reincarnation of the likes of misogynistic homophobic Mars Hill (all puns intended).

    1. Ballard could use a gay bar, but I’d like to see one that’s inclusive of women. I doubt that’s their intent (on either count), but hey, it never hurts to ask.

  4. @Upwalker
    Their spouses/gf’s were all busy with their other boyfriends when the photo was taken.
    Praise Cuck and pass the Polyamory!

  5. Amen this city and neighborhood needs more humans living a life of compassion!!!!!!! especially men! Thank you and excited to see the outcome of all this good!

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