Car flips over in crash on 15th Ave.

Medics and firefighters responded to a roll-over crash on 15th Ave. NW at NW 65th St. just before 3 a.m. When they arrived, all the occupants were out of the vehicle.

A KING TV photographer at the scene reported the driver had collided with a building.

No word on the extent of injuries, building damage or cause of the crash.

“If you’re a member of the cross fit gym, I’d call to see if they open today,” wrote Randy in the My Ballard Facebook Group about the crash. “Couldn’t see what the damage was, but 3 officers were searching the parking lot.”

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13 thoughts to “Car flips over in crash on 15th Ave.”

  1. There should be some law that after midnight, the firetrucks don’t need to blast the siren.

    One ’emergency’ vehicle was driving so slow with the damn thing on they woke everyone up on my block.

    Also, if you’re a member of Crossfit, I’d check your self-respect

  2. @ Elaine: Oh boo hoo. Are you serious? Listen honey, it simply is NOT all about you or the folks on your block, that you don’t speak for. I bet you don’t mind you stuff being stolen and heroin legalized though. I bet you don’t mind the taxes, fees, regulations and the way this city is going to S. I bet you voted for ST3 and love your car tabs going through the roof. But I’d call city hall though if I were you and give them your feelings on those pesky sirens.

  3. Ma’am, I’m sure you’re cranky because you lost some sleep, yet I really think you may want to be a little more generous in spirit. I’m sure if it were you or someone you loved that were in a late night accident you’d want sirens to insure that the emergency vehicles can get to the scene swiftly and safely. Have a little compassion for your fellow man.

  4. @ Elaine: you may not know all the reasons the emergency vehicle had their siren on. They were approaching an intersection, they need to let the other first responders know where they are to make sure THEY don’t hit anyone. And first responders are aware that it’s night time and will often cruise lights-only when appropriate. You just might not know when that is. Check your assumptions.

  5. The restaurant that was hit had a big chunk out of the corner. Lots of debris all over the place when I drove by this morning.

  6. Teh planes are not that bad. When I used to live on the southside it was much worse. Although I do thing there are to many planes.

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