2 new apartment buildings in early planning

The design review meeting scheduled for May 14th will be a double-header for two proposed apartment buildings in Central Ballard.

The largest development is a 6-story, 170-unit apartment building with street level retail at 2417 NW Market St (above). As we reported before, it’s a large lot that’s the current home of Twice Sold Tales and Ballard Transfer, about a block away from the new Nordic Museum. The existing building will be demolished. The plan is to provide parking for 170 vehicles.

The second project is 7-story apartment building at 5409 Leary Way NW — this is the parking lot right next to Cafe Fiore — with 40 small efficiency dwelling units and street level general retail sales and service. This project is relying on a proposed upzone from 65 feet to 75 feet in height.

No parking is proposed. Earlier this month, the Seattle City Council passed a bill to reduce parking requirements for new developments inside “Parking Flexibility Areas,” especially for smaller housing projects like the Leary Way building.

For both developments, this is an early guidance meeting, and neither has submitted their design proposals yet (they usually appear a few days before). The meeting is scheduled for May 14th at 6:30 p.m. (for Leary Way) and 8 p.m. (for Market St.) at the Ballard Community Center.

(Thanks Maxx for the heads-up on the meeting.)

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15 thoughts to “2 new apartment buildings in early planning”

  1. Parking…blah blah blah
    People shouldn’t live in small apartments…blah blah blah

    And then someone chimes in about how there is a really bad grammatical error that shows nothing on this site is reviewed.

  2. @ Bhagwan: too funny! It truly IS all about priorities. Love your sense of humor. Ballard: where Manhattan meets Berkley = wealthy hippies. And heck, everything one will ever need in your entire life is right here, so who needs an auto? I now do miss the days when Ballard closed for weekends.

  3. @Scott: I’d ask if you’ve ever been to Berkeley or Manhattan, but it’s clear you haven’t. Based on your myopic, delusional ramblings, you’ve probably have never left the 10 block radius of your home.

  4. @Truth
    Based on your “Seattle is booming but also 2nd Great Depression” excuses for the junkie/tweaker invasion, I can tell you haven’t been to a functional, clean city abroad.

    As to the uglification of Seattle in general: these slapdash multi-use lego blocks – or the “upscale” grim postmodernist “Jawa Vehicle” looking Nordic Museum – are just awful. But hey nobody accused “New Seattle” of having any sense of style or respect for the impact that bad architecture has on human-scale interactions.
    Viva the Airport!

  5. I’m excited to see more amenities and vibrancy west of 24th ave. That stretch of Market is really underutilized. I live a few blocks north of the new Nordic museum and I’d be thrilled to have more options for coffee, dining, shopping around 30th/28th ave NW on Market…

  6. @Sockpuppet: You mean foreign cities where the tax rate approaches 50% and they pay for actual, usable safety nets? Where they have ample homeless and low income housing? Where they have ample and easily accessible mental healthcare and drug rehab services, including *gasp* safe injection sites? Where well-funded, well-run education ensures that kids from all walks of life have a chance to be successful? Where a progressive justice and prison system actually tries to rehabilitate criminals and reenter them into society as functioning human beings? One of those functional, clean cities?

    Have YOU been to one of these cites/countries? If you have, you’d know the difference and why they don’t have the problems we have (hint: it’s not those dastardly progressives and soy boys that seem to trigger you so much).

  7. Glad the 170 unit building has a parking spot for each apartment. Hope the high efficiency place decides to put some in too. It’s already tight parking in that area.

  8. JM98107, I saw you post on social media using your real name. I know who you are. Get a life, as all your sock puppet personalities that you’ve been posting for 12+ years now really are stale, boring, repetitive, and pointless. Seriously-get a life.

  9. “I’m excited to see more amenities and vibrancy west of 24th ave. That stretch of Market is really underutilized.”
    “underutilized” translation, please build more stuff, tear down and build more stuff.
    With all due respect its people like you that have ruined Ballard. Why do you NEED MORE AMENITIES?
    Take a bus to your coffee shop.

  10. I lived in Ballard for 66 years. It became a place we no longer knew, so my wife and I moved. You just can’t keep jam wadding more people into a space that’s not able to handle what it already has. Roads? We don’t need no stinking new roads. It’s been said that you can’t run and hide. Well I beg to differ!

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