‘Hot home’ in Sunset Hill selling for $775,000, but enter at your own risk

The first few lines of this listing for a Sunset Hill home at 6521 36th Ave. NW read like a dream. Then it takes an extraordinary sharp turn for the worse. Let’s get started:

“Hot home: Redfin expects this home to sell soon.”

Got it. It’s going to a free-for-all bidding war.

“Amazing view of Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. Build your dream home in vibrant Ballard.”

Sounds wonderful. A view home in Sunset Hill for just $775,000? That’s a screaming deal, so it probably has some work to do. A fixer upper, right?

“Tear down. Investor. Enter at your own risk.”

Uh oh. Can I ask why?

“Wear mask as Black mold is present. Do not enter if you are pregnant or have health issues.”

That can’t be good. Anything else?

“Property sold ‘as is’. Seller may want to remove personal items prior to closing but Seller is NOT removing most items in the house or items in the carport and items on the property.”

And there you have it, the most phenomenal 180-degree turn you’ll ever read in a home listing. You have to credit the listing agent for her brutal honesty.

Given the crazy market we’re in — and homes in Sunset Hill are selling for well over $1 million in bidding wars — any guesses how long the property will take to sell?

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18 thoughts to “‘Hot home’ in Sunset Hill selling for $775,000, but enter at your own risk”

  1. Buy, tear down, subdivide, build 8 new tall box homes built with the cheapest material and cheapest labor possible, and sell them for $1 million each.

    Sounds like a big payout for the developer who gets it.

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  3. I know of a few houses nearby and honestly the biggest deterrent in my opinion is that train going by less than a hundred yards away several times a day.

    Even with a 180 degree view of the Olympics I wouldn’t want to hear that dopey whistle or let my kids inhale all that air pollution, especially for an $800k teardown.

    And believe me, I’m a train guy– just don’t want it in my face. In fact, I’ve got some Neal Young playing right now

  4. That’s funny Robert (probably why O’Brien was smiling). Like a professional athlete after a loss, I’m sure he’s able to go home and crack a cold one and forget about this small sector of his contingency. Sorry but the Dori Monson crowd doesn’t really represent reality– just the long-time residents who are angry about any change and have time on their hands to complain about it. The rest of us are pretty happy with the way things are going and wouldn’t waste our time at such a meeting. Do you also waste your time signing meaningless online petitions?

    There’s probably a few hundred people who are really upset at him and they sure showed him by yelling at him for a few hours.

    What’s even funnier is that no credible candidate will come forth and he’ll easily win re-election.

  5. Ya, I think dat somevun made too many batches of lutefisk in dat house. Probably to much pickled herring (sild) also and obviously not a bit of lefse.

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