43 thoughts to “Car flips upside down on Market St.”

  1. If you mean the same business, it’s actually the Ballard Academy of Driving. I used to work there. They prefer to be known by their acronym B.A.D.

  2. I was parked along the side of the road, looked up when I heard the collision to see the blue car swerve and then flip. While I was calling 911, I saw so very many people run to the aid of the driver in the overturned car. People pulled over, came running out of businesses. Helped the driver out of the car. Helped move passing traffic. It was uplifting to see the community mobilize in such a quick and positive way over something so scary. Once I had 911 on the phone, they told me that they already had several people calling them and that help was on the way. I’m so glad that there weren’t any major injuries. Thank you Ballard for being so amazing in a pinch.

  3. This happened last September on 65th @ 22nd NW. There the women was STILL yakking away on the phone while people pulled her out. How the bleep can this happen when speeds are so low? I’m certain it wasn’t inattention. No way. I hope their insurance goes up along with a ticket for their efforts. It’s a shame people put others at risk like this. Unless a medical emergency, NO excuses.

  4. As I was walking by the accident-fire and police already with things under control, I was wondering to myself:
    How does one flip a vehicle on Market Street where the speed limit is less than 30mph?

  5. From what I saw which wasn’t everything, it was probably an angle/physics thing. It didn’t flip right away. Swerved first.

    One car was headed W on Market and the other was pulling out of the garage of the apartment/condo building next to the Mailbox Center.

  6. @Scott: How the bleep can this happen when speeds are so low? I’m certain it wasn’t inattention.

    @john: How does one flip a vehicle on Market Street where the speed limit is less than 30mph?

    You both realize that people speed like selfish assholes down Market, 15th, 24th and everywhere else in the City. Although Momosea above me has indicated it was not due to speed.

  7. Pretty cool to see fire trucks put to work for something other than junkie overdose response and hobo control.

    I sort of forgot the sirens could mean anything other than social justice bringing “vibrancy” to the neighborhood.

    Hope the driver was ok.

  8. From the picture it looks like someone installed a lift kit. You have to be careful with those, they raise the Cg of your car and make it prone to flipping at speeds below 30 mph.

  9. Jeff – when you overturn or jack a car up the shocks expand which is why the tires look further from the wheel wells than when right side up. Don’t think this element was lifted.

  10. @Better Roads, Fewer Homeless

    The SDOT has to hire leadership training consultants due to coach their woefully inept upper mgt.
    This was brought to to light in a series of Seattle Times articles recently about the $12mil per mile bike lanes and the SDOT admitting they wouldn’t be able to deliver their promises on the recently approved levy.

  11. Can we stop with the 12 million per mile bike lane fabrication. The total cost for the bike lane portion of the reconstruction was 135k.

  12. Does anyone remember that when they first announced they were building this big condo they said they were planning to put the driveway on the north side (on 56th) not on Market…. I wonder what happened to that!

  13. For the record I’m a cyclist but his stuff is sadly typical of our loony city. Now is it any wonder the infrastructure is a huge mess? Potholes? Yeah they’ll get right on that, I’m sure!

    “The costs helped push the citywide average for bike-lane construction to $1 million to $2 million per mile — double the $860,000 rate shown in ex-mayor Ed Murray’s levy proposal and four times national averages.”


  14. If you read the article it’s not the bike lane that is the expensive part, but tearing up the entire road (including sidewalks and streetlights).

  15. @Salami:

    A direct quote from the article, which wildly goes back and forth between different numbers:

    Direct costs to install Seventh Avenue’s 6-foot-wide asphalt path, including bike-shaped icons and signals over 4½ blocks, consumed less than one-tenth of the $3.8 million spent, city records show.

    It’s the other stuff — curbs, engineering, sidewalk retrofits, traffic control and especially drainage — that can break the budget.

    So they could have gone cheap and slapped some paint down, which would have conformed to the national average, but they decided do the bike lane right. Also, they’re taking advantage of construction and doing some much needed maintenance.

    So yeah…the four times the national average was a moot argument before you even started.

    Potholes? Yeah they’ll get right on that, I’m sure!

    Let me guess, you’re one of those people that sees a pothole and then complains that SDOT does nothing until you’re blue in the face? A normal person would file a pothole request with SDOT. I’ve done so twice and both times it’s been fixed within a week (they claim three business days).

  16. Hey Truth, we missed your comments after the latest felon hobo sexual assault.
    Glad to see you’re still fighting the good fight for all Ministry of Revenue, Comrade!

  17. I have a theory that the high cost is due to the $15 minimum wage. If we were closer to the national average (a bit over $7/hour), the cost for this crazy bike lane should be about ‘half’. Think of all the extra things we could fund if we didn’t pay such high salaries for minimal wage jobs.

  18. @Sockpuppet: I figured I’d let the hysteric Nextdoor/MyNorthwest morons have their sensationalist hand-wringing frenzy. It almost seemed like you were happy the assault happened so you could use the opportunity to inflate your mentally deranged world views. Nice to know you were thinking of me though!


    @Jeff: Construction wages are nowhere near either the national or city minimum wage. Surely that’s not the only theory you have. At least propose ever increasing material costs or supply/demand of construction contractors and workers.


    It’s my car and it has no lift kit or any other modifications. The flip was caused by the angle of impact.

    Thank you to everyone who came out to help.

  20. @Truth
    Hmmm, calling people “morons” who read MyNorthwest versus, what, the brain trust of high powered cerebrals over at The Stranger?

    Hey if I want to read Marxist/Postmodernist Theory I will just read it from the source not from a digested from a written comic book movie review by people like Charles Mudede or a some lurid, juvenile Dan Savage “advice” column.

    Oh and I believe the construction wages mentioned in that Seattle Times articles were around $45/hr. Too low? Too high? Who knows? Let’s just raise revenue and make promises! If you’re precious Netflix or local doggy daycare under delivered and overcharged you would be outraged. The city? Pshaw don’t be a Nimby!

  21. Was the crash due to someone pulling out of the apartment complex? Seems like the city should install a curb in the middle of the lane to prevent u-turns and cutting across at that location. Too many crashes at that location.

  22. @DRALLAB

    The other driver was coming out of the apartment complex and could not see around the tree and Escalade parked right by the exit. Bad timing, bad visibility.

  23. @Sockpuppet:
    Hmmm, calling people “morons” who read MyNorthwest versus, what, the brain trust of high powered cerebrals over at The Stranger?

    Both are morons. But MyNorthwest makes Stranger commentors look like Mensa members. Go click on any MNW article (bonus for any Dori Monson “war on cars” article!) and skip to the comments. Your brain will melt through your nose from the sheer stupidity. These can’t be real people, right?

  24. @Truth
    I’m still not sure if you’re real. Just kidding. SOMEBODY must be voting for the Sawants and O’Briens, amirite?

    Did The Stranger start doing journalism? Because I mostly just remember the escort ads and deadly sexual virus symptom warnings sprinkled among the Lindy West donut and cookie reviews the last time I picked up a copy.

  25. @Sockpuppet:
    SOMEBODY must be voting for the Sawants and O’Briens, amirite?

    Yup, just further evidence that you and your fellow delusional pearl-clutchers are but a drop in the bucket.

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