‘Super Bueno’ restaurant opens in Fremont

Ethan Stowell’s latest creation is not just bueno, it’s Super Bueno — a new Mexican restaurant that just opened this week at 3627 Stone Way N. in Fremont.

Super Bueno wants the best of both worlds: a family-friendly restaurant that also attracts the 20-something crowd. The lower level features a full bar with 65 tequilas and mezcals, and the upper level has a play area for kids. There are also two large heated patios right on Stone Way, and a happy hour that runs from 4-6 p.m. every day.

It’s also a cafe that serves espresso, breakfast burritos and sandwiches during the day. Then a restaurant that offers a full range of tacos, nachos, salads and flank steak in the evening.

“We’re not trying to be crazy serious about it,” Ethan Stowell told Seattle Met. “We expect to serve a lot of cheese quesadillas.”

The cafe is open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day, and the restaurant opens at 11 a.m. on weekends and 4 p.m. on weekdays.

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33 thoughts to “‘Super Bueno’ restaurant opens in Fremont”

  1. Stacy,
    Read the f….. article. The cafe closes at 4pm but the restaurant opens at 11 AM on weekends and 4 PM on weekdays.

  2. Looks fun with an interesting and unique menu! So happy that a restaurant finally thought of the kiddos! Looking forward to the visit.

    1. The metal chairs are actually not cheap.
    2. 10 tacos for $40. Thats obviously intended for sharing.
    3. The food really isn’t that expensive, especially considering what quality food costs in general.

  3. Idiots like Stacy is how the city council keeps getting elected… And property taxes keep getting passed because no on one can read anymore if it’s not a buzzfeed quiz.

  4. Ethan Stowell: always making money, always expanding his empire. And always complaining the ref is against him. This guy!

    Remember when multimillionaires used to show gratitude, and even humility, or their blessings? Now they paint themselves as the world’s biggest victims. They want you to feel sorry for them. Grifters gotta grift, I guess.

  5. Went today. Food is sub par. But the real problem is cost. The very notion of 3 tacos and a beverage costing you a $20 bill should insult anyone used to neighborhood taco joints. I would be embarrassed to be seen in that place going forward and I should have known better today.

  6. I can get great tacos for much less at Taqueria Tequila…even El Boraccho has better prices. Not saying I won’t give this place a try (I do like food!), but at those costs, it probably won’t be a ‘go-to.’ Ballard Needs Eats, but Ballard also needs to pay the bills!

  7. @Ballard Needs Eats
    I’ve suffered some LONG waits at El Boraccho for an overpriced mediocre plate. Taqueria Tequila is great. Those spendy metal chairs look uncomfortable enough to make you eat quickly and leave a la fast food design.

    Haha I love it! You hate entrepreneurs too! Sure Ethan Stowell is an overrated restaurateur but I you have harder words for him than for the junkie rapists and thieves.

    3/5 Stars for self parody needs more salsa!

  8. @Mario Batali’s Salami
    Yeah, Taqueria Tequila is a gem that should be better known. I have much love for their menu.

  9. El Camion is better than Taqueria Tequila. More flavor. But I think Seattleites like Taqueria Tequila because they’ve never been fond of Mexican food with flavor. Case in point: Taco Time, Azteca. Both originated in the PNW.

  10. When they let grandpa use the internet, he thinks he can use it to yell at junkies and thieves, and they’ll hear him, and if he yells at them enough, they’ll shape up. Give grandpa a hug and send him to bed. Someday soon grandpa will be gone and you’ll miss him.

  11. @Kip
    El Camion is good but soon the location is getting condo cancer’d. Too bad their truck isn’t closer. The wait is also a bit much at times. Flair Taco Truck in Fremont is great. Tequila is cheap-ish and large portions. Let’s face it, one of the charms of Mexican food is that it’s corn flour, pork, beans, rice, and salsa. Somehow these very cheap ingredients get transformed into tiny expensive plates.

    One thing you can say about Azteca is that there was a nice cushy seat to relax in while drinking a watered down margarita. Can we please end this “uncomfortable seating = hip and classy” trend with restaurant furnishings?

  12. “President Trump’s entire Administration is working tirelessly [between rounds of golf and meetings with criminal defense attorneys] to bring these violent animals to justice”


  13. @ Elenchos: POTUS Trump’s administration has been busy alright, UNDOING Obama’s legacy. Your slavish attitude is getting very old. Get off the mental plantation and join America, already in progress. Many here just want you and your ilk to step up and own this city and the mess created by your votes. It has NOTHING to do with POTUS. But nice try throwing red meat here. Your room temperature IQ is tiresome. Open a business and get back to us.

  14. Oops, looks like somebody’s triggered. All I said was Ethan Stowell is a whiner who makes a ton of money and then complains he’s a big fat victim. Not all entrepreneurs are whiners you know. A lot of them hold their heads high and don’t bitch and moan like they’re God’s special chosen victims. They have a little pride and confidence in themselves. If they want even *more* money, they don’t grovel for it. They don’t beg for tax breaks. They get in the game and earn it. They make so much they end up giving billions away.

    Remember when Stowell said $15 per hour would ruin him and he’d leave town? And he proceeded to open like nine new restaurants? Doooooooooooouche.

    Anyways, ya big baby, *I’m* not the one touting the website of Cheeto Jesus. I’m not the one linking to that xenophobic racist’s vile opinions about Mexicans and his unhinged fantasies about Mexican gangs. Drug gangs are bad. Drug gangs are not an excuse for any of the Dotard’s racist tirades and no excuse for MAGA Seattle’s racist tirades. Did you get a load of the grammar on that Trump whitehouse.gov page, by the way? Trump hires the worst people.

    But don’t whine to me that I triggered you. *I* didn’t drag that red meat here. You did, sockpuppet.

    Here, since we’re sharing links:
    Hilarious fun, and written by someone who took high school English, not a drooling Trump White House flunky.

    Half of Ballard is laughing their asses off at paranoid old kooks who have created a feedback loop of imaginary crime terror. That’s not from here; it’s L.A. Everywhere, they’re laughing at the goofs who make up fake crime waves to get attention on the local forum. Platforms like Nextdoor, like talk radio, are suited to bringing out the worst in people and driving away common sense. But in Seattle 95% of us don’t fall for it.

    You can deny it all you want, but watch Amazon and Starbucks and Vulcan with all their money struggle to get their head tax repeal on the ballot. Consider how easily, and cheaply, a voter initiative can gather enough signatures if it’s *actually* *popular*. The pot de-prioritizing Initiative 75, in 2003, was sponsored by local stoner, future Stranger reporter, Dominic Holden. They scraped together 17,000 signatures with *no* $50,000+ bankrolls from rich corporation. AND then passed it!

    It’s not that hard when you have an idea that everybody in Seattle doesn’t hate. Everybody hates your ideas. They hate Cheeto Jesus, they hate xenophobes and selfish nimbys, they hate entitled, privileged property owners who blame disadvantaged outsiders for all their problems.

    “So much for the tolerant left!” I know, right?

    Whoever told you Seattle was tolerant of privileged xenophobes who scapegoat poor people and brown people for their own inadequacies, you go ask them for their money back. Whoever promised you tolerance for alt-right kooks was lying to you. (I know, you get lied to a lot. So sorry.) Seattle doesn’t tolerate that, and shouldn’t be tolerant of that. You are UN-POP-U-LAR. You’re too narcissistic to believe that fact, so the voters are about to hand you your ass again, because you don’t learn.

  15. @Elenchos
    Sorry I didn’t have time to read your very long sophomoric tirade, as I got pushed out of line at Cupcake Royale by an aggressive Lindy West due to the shortage of bacon donuts.

    Buenos Dias.

  16. Lindy West is very popular here. Must piss you off, right?

    I know you read all of it it. You always say you didn’t and then two posts later you give yourself away. It wouldn’t be fun to write if I wasn’t sure that you always lap up every word and then pretend you didn’t. I also know which sock handles are yours. You are not fooling anybody.

    Have you ever tried not being a goofball? Not being a flake? Don’t make things up. Tell the truth. Don’t try to pretend to be a dozen different people. Try it. It’s what all those normal people do, the people who make you so, so very angry and envious. The secret to acceptance isn’t some grift or trick or scheme. It’s just being honest, being real. Try it.

  17. @Elenchos
    This is getting pretty weird, Amiga. Half the country, like it or not, is conservative. This place is just as loony as the fundamentalist echo chambers in the red states. Try traveling more. Europe is nice, too, and they have traditional people there as well. I know it’s easy to just absorb whatever TV/Facebook approves for your consumption but try something that isn’t predigested by nihilistic culture makers in L.A./NYC.

  18. That Nextdoor link is something similar to the one I read yesterday on HuffPo (a -gasp- liberal news website!)
    I agree that Nextdoor can get very ‘screechy’, but as pointed out in the very article you linked, the paranoiacs were liberals, not conservatives. So, not sure what your point was @Elenchos. However, they do have some good garage-sale posts, and sometimes, there is useful info about neighborhood nuisances.
    My point is, there are wackadoos on both sides of the spectrum, both liberal and conservative. You try a bit too hard to tout ‘I dispute you!’ facts, like the legalization of weed, to make whatever point you’re trying to make. I’ve never met a person, liberal or conservative, who doesn’t blaze on occasion, so not sure how that ‘fact’ attempts to shout down someone you believe to be a conservative.
    People are going to believe how they are going to believe, and your trying to shout them down with your facts can always be drowned out by facts posted that lean in the other direction. A fun diversion, to be certain, but you’re not really changing anything, or anyone. And if that’s your intended goal, better rethink your strategy.
    At any rate, not going to pay 14 bucks for 3 tacos.

  19. It’s a simple point: Weatbrook lost, badly. Scott Lindsey did worse. Harley Lever was crushed. David Preston? Ugh…

    It’s not rocket science. You guys keep doing worse. Not better. You used to at least have Tim Burgess. Jean Godden. Long gone now!

    Travel? Why? The fact is obvious: your message was out of touch last time and it only gets more out of touch with each passing year. The phrase “dead ender” comes to mind.

    Just look at the basic facts. You don’t need much else to see which way the wind blows. You should adapt.

    Stop socking. Stop lying. Quit scapegoating and stereotyping. You’ve tried all those tricks and they failed and failed and failed again. They don’t work here.

  20. @Elenchos:
    Tim Burgess had to quit because he needed to devote his full time to being singer of the band The Charlatans.

  21. Jesus fucking Christ. (no offense to J. C.) Here’s an innocuous announcement about a new Mexican-ish restaurant and the comments (in response) are filled with snarky political slams by folks who think they’ve mastered trenchant critiques of Western Civilization.

    Fer cryin’ out loud! Get a goddamn grip. This need to needle, specify, insult, belittle, explain, codify, lecture, explain, and tear everything in the media (and elsewhere) into tiny bits is ridiculously juvenile (no offense to kids) and mind-numbingly tiresome!

    How about just being kinda of open-minded and NICE for a change!!??? Maybe just count your blessings that you have a hundreds of restaurants to choose from in Seattle (including those with chairs you don’t like)….

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