Briefs: Tunnel, Magnolia Bridge, Joli, spray park, BHS and garage sales

EXPENSIVE TUNNEL: The wastewater tunnel project that will stretch between Ballard and Wallingford is now projected to cost $147 million more than originally thought, reports Crosscut. The joint city-county project, headed up by SPU, is designed to prevent polluted water — 62 million gallons a year! — from spilling into the Ship Canal, Salmon Bay and Lake Union during heavy rains. SPU believes it can cover the cost overruns, but it still needs city council approval.

NO MAGNOLIA BRIDGE?: SDOT told Magnolia neighbors in a meeting last night that it may not have enough money to replace the aging Magnolia Bridge. “It’s still on the table, but it’s really at the high end of the cost in terms of replacement,” said Kit Loo, SDOT Project Manager. While the city mulls alternatives, some Magnolia neighbors have launched a petition to “Save Magnolia Bridge.”

JOLI COMING BACK: The Ballard restaurant Joli, which closed in late April, announced it will reopen June 5th with “with expanded hours and a menu reset.” Eater has the story.

SPRAY PARK OPENS: This Saturday the spray park at Ballard Commons officially opens for the season, running from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

ORCHESTRA CONCERT: Ballard High is holding its Spring Orchestra Concert this Thursday evening. In March, Ballard’s Chamber Orchestra was named first runner up at the The National Orchestra Cup at the Lincoln Center and was also honored with the best strings section award. The concert is free (donations accepted), and it begins at 7:30 p.m. at BHS.

GARAGE SALES: This Saturday is the Whittier Heights annual garage sale event beginning at 9 a.m. Quite a few families are expected to participate, and you can stop by 73rd and Dibble on Saturday morning to pick up a map.

FOOTBALL CAMPS: BHS football coach Ross Humphries sent us a note to remind everyone about two football camps this June. One is for incoming BHS freshmen (June 25-28th) and the other is a youth camp (June 11-14th for grades 2nd-7th). More details here.

ON THE CALENDAR: Have you seen our Ballard events calendar lately? It’s packed with great community events in the greater Ballard area — and you can submit your own.

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19 thoughts to “Briefs: Tunnel, Magnolia Bridge, Joli, spray park, BHS and garage sales”

  1. “…alternatives could include widening a portion of Dravus Street…”

    Maybe they should have thought about that before they allowed a bunch of new construction to be built right up to its edges. Things will still be totally bottlenecked if that’s the option they ended up going with.

    An Armory-Thorndyke bridge seems like it *might* work, especially for the people on the north side of Magnolia.

  2. What is our opinion of the frequent bathing and shampooing I see at the spray park? This has to be recirculated water. How might I explain to my little daughters, “we’ll come back another day!”

  3. @Crestfallen
    Tell them Sawant is trying to recreate the “Ganges experience” here in Seattle and it’s a “teachable moment” about the exotic things like the caste system and the Opium War with the roles reversed. Or just blame O’Brien.

  4. Oh Simon- what high quality, low cost item have you gotten from amazon? Don’t get me wrong, they are a good company but not the most performance driven. Amazon phone? amazon fire? Kids Kindle? All of these are just OK products which came to market late.

    I don’t want them managing something as important as a waste water pipe!

    Oh and I’m also all for closing the magnolia bridge, we just need to shut down 2 more to keep them out of our schools so the North Ballard kids can come back.

  5. I forgot to add- I’ve been using the homeless as a teaching moment with my kids. They will be so scared of drugs with all the bums around they might turn into natural anti-vacciners!

  6. Yay the Spray Park! Who doesn’t look forward to another summer of Honey Buckets on fire, piles of garbage, armed robberies at the candy store, tent encampments, a few dead bodies found on park benches in the mornings, needles, screaming junkies, screaming people with major mental health issues, stolen bike dealers fighting, off-leash pit bulls, stepping in dog poop, and people who shoplift at QFC and Bartells offering you a dynomite deal on razor blades.

    Such a lovely place to spend the summer.

  7. So a tunnel for our poo is costing what, $211 million per mile? can I ride my bike through it?

    Regarding the Magnolia Bridge, I hope it collapses sometime soon. Serves all those smarmy Mongolians right who think their precious bridge should’ve come before all other infrastructure. You picked to live in suburbanville, Seattle, remember?

  8. I learned a new word today: incel!

    That would partially explain our favorite, resident sockpuppet. He probably keeps asking homeless people out on dates and gets rebuffed, because they don’t want to stoop so low. Then he goes onto neighborhood blog comment sections and mashes away, with his tiny hands, a whole lot of delirious nonsense.

    Keep mashing our #1 incel, keep mashing!

  9. @Truth

    I’m actually functionally polygynous, but in Seattle that amounts to mostly having to read Jezebel links and coughing up blue strands of hair and rolling cat dander off my sweaters. Maybe I will bring the portly hareeeem to the this new Super Bueno for some tacos but the chairs are not so comfy looking for our local “beauties at all sizes” if you catch my drift.

    Do you even lift, Bronie?

  10. And on the subject of the wastewater tunnel project, I just want to make sure all of my constituents understand, managing your poop is really difficult, for each and everyone of you, multiply that by 1,000 new people in Seattle a week, and consider in general a person has one movement a day… when I look at you, I see this mess, that produces waste the city is required to dispose of, and all this pooping you all do, really stresses our budget and takes away resources we could have allocated towards homelessness, so please, lets try and remember those who are unlucky enough to have to poop in the street, and try and poop a little less in our homes.

  11. @Truth

    This would be a lousy comeback for a 16 year old. I thought you had more humor in you but perhaps the Marxism truly does destroy creativity. Incels are old news.

    Besides, it’s pretty cruel to makes jokes because my “otherkin” status seeing as I prefer the company of my own kind – furries – and we demand more positions in the SDOT immediately. Furry Freedom Now!

  12. @Sockpuppet:
    This would be a lousy comeback for a 16 year old.

    Besides, it’s pretty cruel to makes jokes because my “otherkin” status seeing as I prefer the company of my own kind – furries – and we demand more positions in the SDOT immediately. Furry Freedom Now!

    Okey dokey!

    *hugs and kisses*,

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