30 thoughts to “Coyote spotted in Loyal Heights”

  1. Not surprised. When you have a large subset of the city who leave food scraps and chicken bones all over the place you’ll start to see in increase in rats and coyotes. Might be a self solving problem though.

    1. Subset? There is a homeowner down the street from me who chums her yard with leftovers and water bowls. The good thing is I think she is nuts and her behavior predates our coyote sightings, the bad news is one of my neighbors is nuts.

  2. Every time you hijack a thread, Jesus feeds a kitten to a coyote.

    Thread hijacking isn’t just wrong. It’s a sin. Jesus saw what you did.

    1. Normally I disagree with ‘chos, but this made me laugh. However, there is no Jesus. No Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones either.

  3. I’d rather have Wile E on the loose than junkies. In fact, maybe the coyote’s can help thin the junkie numbers in Ballard.

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