City awards $150,000 for neighborhood projects in Ballard area

The City of Seattle announced today it’s investing just over $1 million to support 22 community projects citywide through the Neighborhood Matching Fund.

Here’s how the awards break down in district 6, which covers Ballard, Phinney, Greenwood, Fremont and Green Lake:

  • $17,400 to Community Cinema Group for the Outdoor Movie at Ballard Commons Park, a free outdoor movie on August 18 in Ballard Commons Park that will provide an enjoyable and relaxing night out for locals and a way for groups and nonprofits to connect with residents. (Community match: $23,425)
  • $60,000 to the Nordic Museum’s Viking Days Festival celebrating its 35th anniversary on July 14-15. This free event offers a rich overview of Nordic culture for new and regular visitors alike. (Community match: $57,212)
  • $49,000 to Friends of the Ballard Civic Orchestra for the Music as a Bridge to Intercultural Understanding project using music to engage community members with Latino culture. There will be orchestra rehearsals and public performances celebrating culturally significant events. (Community match: $31,600)
  • $22,500 to the Whittier Heights Community Council for the Totem Pole in Baker Park project to replace a Haida totem pole and restore plants at Baker Park. A celebration of the replacement pole will be held in cooperation with the Haida Community Dancers. (Community match: $13,273)

Organizations provide their own matching funds in money, volunteer labor or donated materials.

If you’re interested in pitching an idea for funding, you can apply right here. The Neighborhood Matching Fund awards are announced three times a year.

(Archive photo above of Viking Days by the Nordic Museum)

Geeky Swedes

The founders of My Ballard

31 thoughts to “City awards $150,000 for neighborhood projects in Ballard area”

  1. Nordic Museum’s Viking Days Festival?

    Of course, as a Anglo Saxon Christian who is privileged enough to live within my own fortress, I’ll just continue to ignore the heathen Danes and all they do to bring this horrible neighborhood down.

  2. How about taking some of that totem pole and viking larping money and hiring private security to patrol Ballard’s parks during daylight hours so they can be enjoyed by residents instead of felons?

      1. @Floyd Haberman

        “Larping” is “live action role playing” or pretending to be a knight, a viking, or in the City Council’s case, pretending to be competent elected officials who spend the citizens’ taxes and resources wisely.

        I’m not sure if they whack each other with foam swords, but Sawant likes to make banners and pretend she’s Ulrike Meinhof or Leon Trotsky depending on her mood.

    1. OK that made me laugh. I picture a scene out of ‘Shaun of the Dead’, but with more needles and dirt, and about the same amount of laughter.

  3. Some of us would just like the druggies and street camper bums out of The Commons and along Market St. Is there a grant for that? Might just be money better spent on that than some of this other political fluff.

    1. Wait a minute you dissenters. Don’t we actually have a declared “civil homeless emergency,” and shouldn’t we be spending these tax payer dollars on housing and services for street campers? The irony here goes beyond words – $150K and more from other neighborhoods spent on extravagant excess, while there is garbage and needles in the streets? Oh wait, they will just ask us for more.

      1. Hello.

        This article is about the City awarding $150,000 to local, well organized neighborhood projects.

        Your comment is complaining about an issue that cannot be solved with small neighborhood funding.

        🐘 Therefore: irrelevant. 🐘

  4. Look at these crap comments.

    This is why I said Harley Sockpuppeteer’s off topic monomaniacal drivel should be deleted on sight. Delete it all. There are actually SEVERAL threads where douchetroll can drone on and on and on about hobo junkie camper crime waves blah blah blah blah. It’s not like Harley never gets to say this stuff.

    Why tolerate him coming here and hijacking every single thread with five sock posts riding the same hobby horse? Delete every off topic troll post. No exceptions.

    Harley has had a megaphone where he can blast this message. Everyone has heard it. About 50 hard core dead-enders have heeded his call and are on board. Everybody else is sick of it. They heard you, Harley. Heard you the first time. Heard you the next 500 times. The problem isn’t that they didn’t hear you. The problem is that they don’t agree with you, and they don’t like you.

    Take it to an appropriate forum.

    1. History is never kind to ideologies that require censorship.

      Must be weird to fancy oneself a “liberal progressive” and end up providing safe haven for violent criminals and then try to censor your neighbors. You guys do nothing but steal money from workers’ pockets and use passive aggressive tactics on anyone who notices.

      1. Who said they fancy themselves a liberal progressive, Harley? Did I say that?

        Who told you that having your comments removed from a website is censorship? That’s not what censorship means. You did not stay in school like you were told, did you?

        If stealing bothers you so much, then don’t steal bandwidth and page space from other people’s websites. Don’t steal the time and attention of readers who didn’t come here to read you rant about junkies and campers. Pay to host that drivel on your own site. You know it’s against the TOS to represent yourself as someone else. You know it’s against the TOS to disrupt threads with repetitive, inflammatory posts.

        You agreed to terms of service that included the site’s right to delete your posts at will. You agreed to that of your own free will, and if they do as you agreed they could, and delete anything they want, you are not being censored.

        Everything you do is pushing your luck to get away with stealing attention you know that you have no right to. If you have a problem with stealing , then adhere to the terms of service and stop hijacking threads with your crap nobody asked for.

        1. If you don’t like it here you can retreat to your safe space. Haha equating posting in a website to assaulting peiple on the street and using hardcore drugs for a living might have something to do with explaining the situation we are in as a city.

          1. If you want to go to a place where the conversation is controlled go to a Sawant rally where they shout down any dissenters.

          2. Have you read the terms of service here at all? Go read them. The conversation here is controlled. It’s not your soapbox on a street corner. There are rules, and you break them nearly every time you post.

            Yes, I admit, you do obviously get away with it. At least you have so far. But it’s time that ended. It’s time this site enforced the rules and deleted all your off topic crap.

            What do you think bringing up Sawant gets you? You spend all your time yelling how much you hate her, then you announce you are going to imitate her. Why do you want to imitate Sawant if you think she’s so awful? If Sawant is the devil incarnate to you then don’t act like Sawant, dumbass.

            Nothing you say makes any sense.

          3. I guess I just don’t see it as off topic when the city is giving money for people to bring their kids to watch movies with junkies.

          4. It’s the people’s money, darling. The people elected this government. It’s a popular administration. They’re doing what the people want. Regardless of your distorted view of it, whatever their kids are seeing out there is what the people here want them to see.

            The obvious lack of public attention and interest in your hate group’s fascist approach should be all the evidence you need that the people don’t want what you’re selling.

            Or let’s put it in simpler terms: the post does NOT say, “Hey Harley, come on over and bleat about junkie felons 27 times. We LOVE that old song! Play it again, Harley!” Nope, it clearly does not say that.

            You’re off topic, and you’re unpopular, and you’re violating the terms of service. You whine like a hungry toddler that the letter of the law is not respected, and here you are. No respect at all. No wonder nobody takes you seriously.

  5. Um, Elenchos, have you signed the repeal the head tax yet? “A popular administration”? Really sweetie? Puuuleeeze. These clowns are ruining this area. You did see the articles about the high cost of groceries, right? Who brought his that? While you’ll go on and on bitching about POTUS, you perhaps have forgotten 7 out of the 9 city council people ARE up for a vote soon. Trump isn’t. “Compassion” to you goofy liberals means spending your neighbors hard earned $$. Even Shultz says you idiots have gone too far.

    1. Hello.

      This article is about the City awarding $150,000 to local, well organized neighborhood projects.

      Your comment is complaining about…well, even this irrelevant elephant can’t make heads or tails about what your comment is complaining about :/ Something about Trump, Howard Shultz, the head tax and those dastardly liberals?

      🐘 Therefore: irrelevant. 🐘

  6. Thank you City of Seattle for highlighting this grand little town, my ol’ home town of BALLARD – and that MUSEUM – NORDIC – What a JEWEL for our city of Seattle – Doesn’t get any better – CULTURE at it’s BEST!! EVERYBODY gains from this ! We stand TALL together, when we ALL STAND TOGETHER!

  7. Look— if you want something that will REALLY attract ballardites and outsiders alike— build a Dennys. Build a fee Dennys. Dennys on every block. Dennys for everyone! Not sure why us folks have to deal with all these festivals and clubs when all i want is some gosh darn 3 am pancakes. Trump promised to make things better. And I still have no Dennys.

  8. Really, around $40,000 ($17,400 from city, $23,425 from community match) for a free movie at Ballard Commons Park in August? You have got to be kidding. What a misappropriation of funds.

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