Police tracked burglary suspect in Loyal Heights

Scary moments for Loyal Heights residents last night as police searched for a burglary suspect.

A resident at 77 St. NW and NW 19th Ave. said there was an attempted burglary at her house at 10 p.m. after another burglary was reported nearby. Police responded in force with a K9 unit and searched a wide area, staging police cars and occasionally running their sirens.

The search continued until 2 a.m., according to Silver’s posts in the My Ballard Facebook Group.

It’s unclear if an arrest was made, but one neighbor says an officer told her that they did not find the suspect. We’ll update if we learn anything more.

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17 thoughts to “Police tracked burglary suspect in Loyal Heights”

  1. I was up 11:30 to 12:30 watching patrol cars move up and down 16th and 17th multiple times (near 75th). Short sirens at odd intervals for the entire hour. K-9 unit (dog, two officers on foot) worked our street repeatedly. Dog came up both our front walks two separate times. Cops even tried to open our garage door at one point (because the dog was alerting in our driveway?) but seemed satisfied when I told them (from upstairs window) that it had been locked all evening. Told us to stay inside but wouldn’t provide any add’l info.

  2. The new normal for our once great area to live in. Sad and troubling. While shopping at the Greenwood FM Sunday I witnessed yet another their being taken down in the parking lot. A huge daily issue now, and getting much worse and scarier. Um, these people are NOT stealing to use stuff. Anybody else notice the giant drug bust last week? Gee, where were those drugs and much more, going? To satisfy the greater Seattle area and the city council’s legal heroin programs for starters, that’s where. More “low-barrier” homes being throttled right into YOUR neighborhoods will only escalate this trend. Thank you Mike. Thank you Jenny. Thank you Kshama. Thank you all, for nothing.

    1. Loss prevention staff (security) and cashiers at several grocery stores have been assaulted and cut by junkie thieves wielding knives resisting detainment. Our moronic “leaders” have empowered dangerous lunatics and given over public spaces and store entrances to them as their “turf”. The level of stupidity and cognitive dissonance (safe spaces, protecting workers, protecting green spaces) in this city is equal parts staggering and disheartening.

    2. I witnessed an RV dweller being tossed out of the Leary Fred Meyer for attempted shoplifting and harassment. As he was being ejected he was screaming “you can’t do this to me, I have power of attorney!” Good luck with that, Comrade Zero. I’m sure your ‘power of attorney’ will be right over to inform you that you should keep your mouth shut so as not to incriminate yourself. But of course, he probably already knows this from prior arrests.

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